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Black Hole Astrophysics with VLBI: Past, Present, and Future
- Workshop in honor of Professor INOUE Makoto's retirement -
March 27(Mon)-29(Wed), 2017
Mitaka Campus, NAOJ, Tokyo, Japan



The poster boards can accommodate posters of up to 90 cm in WIDTH and 180 cm in HEIGHT. Posters in either "portrait" or "landscape" format smaller than this dimension can be fitted on the board. An A0 size poster (84 cm by 120 cm), for example, can be displayed in portrait format.

Total number of abstracts: 10
1 Yoshiharu Asaki
ALMA High Frequency (Long Baseline) Capability Commissioning Campaign 2017
Y. Asaki, S. Corder, S. Takahashi, L. Maud, E. Fomalont, W. Dent, and L. Barcos
2 Ted Huang
GLT antenna status

3 Osamu Kameya
Mizusawa 10m radio telescope and its observational possibility of AGN and Masers
Osamu Kameya (NAOJ)
4 Ryohei Kawabe
50 m class Large Submillimeter single-dish Telescope: LST
R. Kawabe (NAOJ), K. Kohno, Y. Tamura (Univ.Tokyo), and LST Woking Group
5 Pierre Martin-cocher
Summit GLT site development
Pierre MARTIN-COCHER (ASIAA), Timothy NORTON (Smithsonian Institution) and the GLT team.
6 Hung-Yi Pu
Black Hole Shadow image Gallery

Hung-Yi Pu (ASIAA)
7 Mamoru Sekido
New Broadband VLBI System of High Precision Delay Measurement
Mamoru Sekido, Kazuhiro.Takefuji, Hidki Ujihara, Tetrsuro Kondo, et al.,
8 YooGeun Song
Theoretical Models of the Black Hole Magnetospheres and Jets
9 Hiroshi Sudou
Phase-referencing VLBI observations of the radio galaxy 3C 66B at 22 GHz
Hiroshi Sudou (Gifu Univertity), Satoru Iguchi (NAOJ), and Guangyao Zhao (KASI)
10 Hideki Ujihara
Development of Wideband Feed for Radio Astronomy

Oral Presentations

Total number of abstracts: 39
1 Kazunori Akiyama
Mar 27 14:50
Invited Imaging the Supermassive Black Holes with the Event Horizon Telescope
Kazunori Akiyama (MIT Haystack Observatory)
2 Keiichi Asada
Mar 28 10:50
RM studies with Inoue-san: VLBA, SMA, ALMA, and GLT/EHT
3 Ming-Tang Chen
Mar 29 13:00
Invited The Greenland Telescope project and its status.
Abstract Presentation
Ming-Tang Chen, on behalf of the GLT project
4 Se-Hyung Cho
Mar 29 08:40
Invited New Maser Probes for Extragalactic Studies
Abstract Presentation
Se-Hyung Cho (Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute)
5 Richard Dodson
Mar 27 13:30
Invited Astrometry with VSOP, VSOP-2 & how those studies are leading to new breakthroughs
Abstract Presentation
Richard Dodson (ICRAR-UWA), Maria Rioja (ICRAR-UWA)
6 Akihiro Doi
Mar 29 11:10
Balloon-borne VLBI and space VLBI, to penetrate opaque regions toward black hole shadows.

Akihiro Doi (JAXA)
7 Edward Fomalont
Mar 27 13:00
Invited Operations, scheduling and Imaging of VSOP experiments
Abstract Presentation
Edward Fomalont (NRAO/ALMA)
8 José L. Gómez
Mar 28 10:30
Probing the innermost regions of AGN jets and their magnetic fields with RadioAstron
Abstract Presentation
Jose L. Gómez (IAA-CSIC), Andrei Lobanov (MPIfR), Gabriele Bruni (MPIfR), Yuri Kovalev (ASC), on behalf of the Polarization KSP team
9 Leonid Gurvits
Mar 27 14:00
Invited Synchrotron emission in extragalactic sources: what makes theorists and observers so (un)happy
Leonid Gurvits (JIVE and TU Delft, The Netherlands)
10 Kazuhiro Hada
Mar 27 14:30
The East Asian VLBI Network
Abstract Presentation
Kazuhiro Hada (NAOJ)
11 Yoshiaki Hagiwara
Mar 29 10:00
Probing circumnuclear region of AGN with masers
Abstract Presentation
Yoshiaki Hagiwara (Toyo University)
12 Hisashi Hirabayashi
Mar 27 11:15
Invited Space-VLBI Activities in Japan
Abstract Presentation
Hisashi Hirabayashi(ISAS/JAXA)
13 Kouichi Hirotani
Mar 28 09:00
Photon emission from the direct vicinity of black holes
Abstract Presentation
Kouichi Hirotani (ASIAA)
14 Mareki Honma
Mar 29 11:30
Imaging black hole shadow with sparse modeling
Mareki Honma, Fumie Tazaki, Kazuhiro Hada (NAOJ), Kazuki Kuramochi (U. Tokyo), Shiro Ikeda (ISM), Kazunori Akiyama (MIT)
15 Hiroshi Imai
Mar 29 09:10
Invited Circumstellar, interstellar, and circumnuclear water masers as probes of fine structures of astrophysical objects
Abstract Presentation
Hiroshi Imai (Kagoshima University)
16 Hajime Inoue
Mar 28 14:30
Invited X-ray observations of circumnuclear regions in AGNs
Abstract Presentation
Hajime Inoue (Meisei University)
17 Makoto Inoue
Mar 28 16:25
Keynote Things failed, undone, and wish to do
M. Inoue (ASIAA)
18 David Jauncey
Mar 27 10:45
Invited TDRSS and the beginning of Space VLBI
Abstract Presentation
David Jauncey, CSIRO Astronomy & Space Science, and Research School of Astronomy & Astrophysics, ANU
19 Seiji Kameno
Mar 28 15:20
Accretion matter in the circumnuclear region of AGNs
Abstract Presentation
Seiji Kameno (JAO/NAOJ)
20 Motoki Kino
Mar 27 16:50
Highlight of KaVA AGN science
Motoki Kino (KASI/NAOJ) on behalf of KaVA AGN SWG
21 Hideyuki Kobayashi
Mar 27 10:00
Opening remarks
Hideyuki Kobayashi (NAOJ)
22 Shoko Koyama
Mar 27 17:10
Global 3-mm VLBI observations with the KVN toward bright AGN jets
Abstract Presentation
Shoko Koyama, Eduardo Ros, Thomas Krichbaum (MPIfR), Taehyun Jung (KASI), Alan Marscher (Boston Univ.)
23 Andrei Lobanov
Mar 27 16:20
Invited Probing black hole physics with high resolution radio observations
Abstract Presentation
Andrei Lobanov (MPIfR, Bonn, Germany)
24 Hiroshi Matsuo
Mar 29 13:40
Study on exoplanet imaging using intensity VLBI
Abstract Presentation
Hiroshi Matsuo (ATC/NAOJ)
25 Satoki Matsushita
Mar 29 13:20
3.5 yr Monitoring of 225 GHz Opacity at the Summit of Greenland
Abstract Presentation
Satoki Matsushita, Keiichi Asada, Pierre L. Martin-Cocher, Ming-Tang Chen, Paul T. P. Ho, Makoto Inoue, Patrick M. Koch (ASIAA), Scott N. Paine (CfA/SAO), David D. Turner (NOAA)
26 Shin Mineshige
Mar 27 15:50
Invited Overview on Black Hole Accretion Flow and Outflow
Abstract Presentation
Shin Mineshige (Kyoto University)
27 Makoto Miyoshi
Mar 29 14:00
A New Verification Method of Applied Calibrations onto Visibility Data
Makoto Miyoshi (NAOJ)
28 Yosuke Mizuno
Mar 28 13:00
The role of magnetic field for relativistic jets and black hole accretion disc
Yosuke Mizuno (ITP, Goethe University Frankfurt)
29 James Moran
Mar 27 10:15
Invited The Origins of VLBI
Abstract Presentation
James Moran (CfA)
30 Hiroshi Nagai
Mar 28 13:20
3C 84: Past, Present, and Future
Hiroshi Nagai (NAOJ)
31 Naomasa Nakai
Mar 29 09:40
Water-Vapor Megamasers in Active Galactic Nuclei
Abstract Presentation
Naomasa NAKAI (University of Tsukuba)
32 Masanori Nakamura
Mar 28 09:20
Invited The Jet Collimation Break: Towards the Paradigm Shift in AGN Jets
Masanori Nakamura (ASIAA)
33 Kenichi Nishikawa
Mar 28 11:10
Microscopic Processes in Global Relativistic Jets Containing Helical Magnetic Fields
Abstract Presentation
Ken-Ichi Nishikawa, Yosuke Mizuno, Jose L. Gómez, Charley Wthite, Jacek Niemiec, Oleh Kobzar, Martin Pohl, Ioana Duan, Asaf Pe’er, Jacob Trier Frederiksen, Åke Nordlund, Athina Meli, Helene Sol, Philip E. Hardee and Dieter H. Hartmann
34 Nakahara Satomi
Mar 28 09:50
The study of jet formation and dissipation by measurement of jet structure in NGC 4261
Satomi Nakahara(SOKENDAI/JAXA), Akihiro Doi(JAXA), Yasuhiro Murata (JAXA), Kazuhiro Hada (NAOJ),Masanori Nakamura (ASIAA), Keiichi Asada (ASIAA)
35 Satoko Sawada-satoh
Mar 28 15:00
Circumnuclear torus revealed by VLBI
Abstract Presentation
Satoko Sawada-Satoh (Kagoshima University)
36 Zhiqiang Shen
Mar 29 10:40
Chinese Space Millimeter-VLBI Array
37 Masato Tsuboi
Mar 27 17:50
The Second Black Hole near the Galactic Center?
Masato Tsuboi(ISAS), Yoshimi Kitamura(ISAS),Takahiro Tsutsumi(NRAO), Makoto Miyoshi(NAOJ), Kenta Uehara (U.Tokyo), Ryosuke Miyawaki(J.F. Oberlin University), Atsushi Miyazaki(JSF)
38 Kiyoaki Wajima
Mar 28 13:40
Monthly VLBI Monitoring of 3C 84 with KaVA and KVN
Abstract Presentation
Kiyoaki Wajima (KASI), Motoki Kino (KASI/NAOJ), Nozomu Kawakatu (NIT, Kure College), The GENJI Collaboration
39 Ziri Younsi
Mar 27 17:30
Horizon-scale emission from supermassive black holes
Ziri Younsi (ITP, Goethe University Frankfurt)
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