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Black Hole Astrophysics with VLBI: Past, Present, and Future
- Workshop in honor of Professor INOUE Makoto's retirement -
March 27(Mon)-29(Wed), 2017
Mitaka Campus, NAOJ, Tokyo, Japan

Oral Presentation

Horizon-scale emission from supermassive black holes

Author(s): Ziri Younsi (ITP, Goethe University Frankfurt)

Presenter: Ziri Younsi (ITP, Goethe University Frankfurt)

Upcoming mm-VLBI observations by the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) collaboration are soon expected to resolve structures in the vicinity of supermassive black holes candidates on event horizon scales. One of the major goals is to confirm the image of the event horizon, as well as the corresponding key observational signatures associated with this.

The accretion flow onto the supermassive black hole is governed by general-relativistic magnetohydrodynamical (GRMHD) processes and must be modelled using 4D GRMHD simulations. We perform time-dependent GR radiative transfer (GRRT) calculations of the emission from near the horizon and present the expected black hole shadow images, spectra and time variability which may be compared with current and future mm-VLBI and space VLBI observations.

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