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Black Hole Astrophysics with VLBI: Past, Present, and Future
- Workshop in honor of Professor INOUE Makoto's retirement -
March 27(Mon)-29(Wed), 2017
Mitaka Campus, NAOJ, Tokyo, Japan

Poster Presentation

50 m class Large Submillimeter single-dish Telescope: LST

Author(s): R. Kawabe (NAOJ), K. Kohno, Y. Tamura (Univ.Tokyo), and LST Woking Group

Presenter: Ryohei Kawabe (NAOJ)

We report on a plan to construct a 50-m-calss single-dish telescope, the Large Submillimeter Telescope (LST). This telescope is optimized for wide-area imaging and spectroscopic surveys in the 70-420 GHz frequency range, which spans the main atmospheric windows at millimeter and sub- millimeter wavelengths for good observation sites such as ALMA site in Chile. We also target observations at higher frequencies up to 1 THz, with using inner high-precision surface. LST will contribute a wide range of topics in astronomy such as SMBH imaging via sub-millimer VLBI.

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