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Black Hole Astrophysics with VLBI: Past, Present, and Future
- Workshop in honor of Professor INOUE Makoto's retirement -
March 27(Mon)-29(Wed), 2017
Mitaka Campus, NAOJ, Tokyo, Japan

Poster Presentation

Phase-referencing VLBI observations of the radio galaxy 3C 66B at 22 GHz

Author(s): Hiroshi Sudou (Gifu Univertity), Satoru Iguchi (NAOJ), and Guangyao Zhao (KASI)

Presenter: Hiroshi Sudou (Gifu University)

We present measurements of proper motion of the sub-parsec scale jet at 22 GHz in the nearby radio galaxy 3C 66B with VLBA. A phase-referencing technique was used to improve the image quality of the weak and diffuse jet components. We found that the inner knots are almost stationary, though one of them was expected to be detected
with the apparent speed of 0.2 mas/yr according to 8 GHz monitoring at the same observation epochs. We discussed that this can be explained, if the jet has helical structure, that the viewing angle of the jet between 8 and 22 GHz differs by a few degree in case the jet direction is almost along our line of sight.

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