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Black Hole Astrophysics with VLBI: Past, Present, and Future
- Workshop in honor of Professor INOUE Makoto's retirement -
March 27(Mon)-29(Wed), 2017
Mitaka Campus, NAOJ, Tokyo, Japan

Invited Presentation

New Maser Probes for Extragalactic Studies

Author(s): Se-Hyung Cho (Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute)

Presenter: Se-Hyung Cho (Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute)

Maser emission is a good probe for investigating extreme physical conditions and dynamics with VLBI. After considerable improvements in sensitivity of observing facilities, the 22 GHz H2O and OH masers were detected toward over 150 and 120 extragalactic objects, respectively. Recently, extragalactic maser detections of SiO, CH3OH, and submillimeter H2O were reported. Here I introduce these kinds of new masers as a possible tool for studying active galaxies using a powerful millimeter and submillimeter facilities.

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