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  1. Please note that participation contact details kept on the ASIAA database will only be used by ASIAA and Organizing Committee members. ASIAA does not record or store credit card information. ASIAA will not contact participants for credit card information by phone.
  2. A list of all attendees, their affiliation institutions will be shared on the website.
  3. The participation contact details, except the names of attendees and their affiliation institutions, will be deleted after 30 working days after the event.

Privacy Protection and Information Security Policy

Scope of Application

This policy applies only to the collection, processing, use, and security of the users’ personal information while using this website’s services provided by the Department of Information Technology Services, Academia Sinica. provided by the Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Academia Sinica ("ASIAA", "we" or "us"). The said policy does not apply to the users’ activities on a different website connected with this website.

Personal Information Protection Notification

In accordance with stipulations of Article 8, Paragraph 1, of the Personal Information Protection Act, we hereby notify you of the following:
  1. Purpose of collection: We collect your personal information to communicate with you about a meeting, conference, or event.We may communicate with you about an event organized by ASIAA. This may include information about the event’s content, event logistics, payment, updates, and additional information related to the event; and we process and use your personal information within the scope of the foregoing purposes.
  2. Classification of personal information: The Website collects the following types of personal information:
    • Personally identifiable information: name, job title/affiliation, nationality, email, etc.
    • Personal description: nationality, etc.
    • Lifestyle: food preference, etc.
  3. Time Period of Use: From the date the personal information is collected via online registration forms, to the expiration of the specified purposes, or to the data retention expiration date pursuant to relevant laws, contractual requirement, or otherwise necessary for performance of duties (whichever period is the longest).
  4. Area, Target and Way of Use: The personal information you have entered and saved will be used in Taiwan (including Taiwan, Kinmen, Penghu and Matsu). The information will be collected, processed, transmitted internationally and used in accordance with personal information protection laws and regulations. Personal information collected on the Website will be processed and used by automated machines or non-automated methods in compliance with relevant personal information protection laws, and within the specified purpose of collection.
  5. According to the Personal Information Protection Act (ROC) - Article 3, you are entitled to make the related requests. Please contact if you have any inquiry and request.
  6. This website will record information including but not limited to user IP address, time of access and web pages browsed within the website. The data is used for such specific purposes as the protection of onsite information, routine maintenance and audit management. It also serves as data bank for the website’s management in the evaluation of content and system improvement as well as aggregate analysis for website traffic and network behavior. The analysis aims solely at improving website service quality; no analysis will be conducted on individual users.
  7. Under the Personal Information Protection Act, we may be required by the Judiciary or other authorized organizations, as appointed by the R.O.C. government, to abide by the law and provide relevant information under written instructions to do so.

Information Protection Policy and Data Protection

Any unauthorized attempt to tamper with services provided by this website is prohibited and may violate R.O.C. law. To ensure website safety and normal service provision along with the protection of users’ personal information, this website’s management offers the following safety protection measures:

Relevant Links Provided on the Website

Webpages on this website provide Internet links to other websites. By clicking on these links, you may enter other websites. This policy is not applicable to websites accessed through these links. You should refer to their respective policies while using these linked sites.

The Use of Cookies

To provide better service, this website uses cookies. You may refuse the use of cookies by setting the privacy settings to high level on your browser; however, refusing the use of cookies may prevent some website functions from operating optimally.

Terms of Use

Users must obey terms-of-use rules in the following Acts: Taiwan Academic Network Management and Norms, and Academia Sinica Network Management and Norms. Users must not use the services provided on this site for any unlawful purpose or in any unlawful manner and must abide by relevant laws of the Republic of China. If you are a user outside the Republic of China, in using this site you must also agree to abide by the laws within the country or region you reside. In using this site, you agree and guarantee not to use this website to infringe upon the rights and interests of others nor to commit illegal activities. Any person harming the safety of information on this website will be held legally liable and punished under the relevant provisions.

Privacy and Security Policy Amendments

Amendments to privacy, security, and terms-of-use policy maybe instituted once necessary. Such changes will be announced on the website.