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March 27(Mon)-29(Wed), 2017
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Poster Presentation

ALMA High Frequency (Long Baseline) Capability Commissioning Campaign 2017

Author(s): Y. Asaki, S. Corder, S. Takahashi, L. Maud, E. Fomalont, W. Dent, and L. Barcos

Presenter: Yoshiharu Asaki (Joint ALMA Observatory, NAOJ)

Joint ALMA Observatory (JAO) is planning the (long baseline) campaign in 2017 to verify ALMA capabilities
in Band 7 and the higher frequencies using the band-to-band (B2B) technique. There are six sub themes
in the campaign as follows:
(1) to technically optimize the observation parameters for B7/high frequency (HF) long baseline (LB)
observations with the fast switching (FS) and band-to-band (B2B) phase referencing (FS+B2B).
(2) End-to-end (E2E) test/performance demonstration of B7/HF (LB) B2B from observation to imaging,
(3) observation parameter optimization for the medium scale baseline (MB) and compact array (CA)
(4) to develop OT in order to implement Diff Gain Calibration (DGC) for PI science projects,
(5) to investigate auxiliary and supportive phase calibration technique and advanced modest imaging
technique, and
(6) to improve a priori delay calculation model and post-observation calibration.

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