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Magnetic Fields or Turbulence:
Which is the critical factor for the formation of stars and planetary disks?
February 6(Tue)-9(Fri), 2018
National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan


The poster boards can accommodate posters of up to 90 cm in WIDTH and 120 cm in HEIGHT. Posters in either "portrait" or "landscape" format smaller than this dimension can be fitted on the board. We suggest presenters to print an A0 size poster (84 cm by 120 cm in portrait format), which would be well presented.

Total number of abstracts: 28
1 Yusuke Aso
ALMA observations of Class 0 protostars reveal disk growth in Serpens Main
Yusuke Aso (ASIAA); Naomi Hirano (ASIAA); et al.
2 Kiehunn Bach
From Spectroscopic Abundance Analysis to Radiation-Hydrodynamics of the 0.8 Msun Star
Kiehunn Bach (Yonsei University)
3 Shankar Bhattarai
Interpretation of Double Langmuir Probe I-V Characteristics at Different Ionospheric Plasma Temperatures
Shankar Bhattarai, Tribhuvan University, Nepal
4 ZHUO Cao
The effect of Ambipolr Diffusion in disk fragmentation and star formation
5 Pou Ieng Cheong
ALMA Observations of Spiral Accretion Flows Towards Extremely Young Protostars
Pou-Ieng Cheong(NTHU); Shih-Ping Lai(NTHU); Sheng-Jun Lin (NTHU); Tao-Chung Ching (NAOC); Nadia Murillo (Lieden); Zhi-Yun Li (Virginia)
6 Chau Ching Chiong
New 7mm Receiver for Nobeyama 45-m Telescope with Capability to Observe Three Zeeman Lines Simultaneously
Chau-Ching Chiong (ASIAA), Fumitaka Nakamura (NAOJ) et al.
7 Hao-Yuan Duan
Searching the First Hydrostatic Cores in the Perseus Molecular Cloud
Hao-YUan Duan (NTHU); Shih-Ping Lai(NTHU)
8 Le Duc thong
Updated constraints on variations of the fine-structure constant using absorption line multiplets in the early universe
T D Le ( Institute for Computational Science)
9 Adham El-batal
The Magnetic Field Structure of W3
Adham El-Batal (Boston University); Dan Clemens (Boston University)
10 Laura Fissel
Upcoming Polarimetry Opportunities with BLAST-TNG and TolTEC
Laura Fissel (NRAO)
11 Qilao Gu
Are all dense clouds perpendicular to their interstellar magnetic field directions?
Qilao Gu (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
12 naomi Hirano
Probing the earliest stage of protostellar evolution — from "pre-Class 0" to "Class 0"
Naomi Hirano (ASIAA); Shigehisa Takakuwa (Kagoshima Univ.); Kengo Tomoda (Osaka Univ.); Kazuya Saigo (NAOJ); Masahiro Machida (Kyushu Univ.); Koji Tomisaka (NAOJ); Masaoki Hiramatsu (NAOJ)
13 Tien-Hao Hsieh
The early-phase protostellar disk around the VeLLO, IRAS16253-2429
Tien-Hao Hsieh (ASIAA); Yusuke Aso (ASIAA); Arnaud Belloche (MPIfR); Naomi Hirano (ASIAA); Shih-Ping Lai (NTHU, Taiwan); Chin-Fei Lee (ASIAA)
14 Bethany Jones
The Evolutionary Status of Methanol Maser Sources
Bethany Jones (University of Manchester); Gary Fuller (University of Manchester); The MMB Survey team
15 Kibeom Kim
Evaporation of a proto-planets in the proto-accretion disk
Kibeom Kim (Kyungpook National University); Yuna Jo (Kyungpook National University); Junghee Kim(Kyungpook National University); Heon-Young Chang (Kyungpook National University)
16 Chi Yan Law
The Link between Magnetic-field Orientations and fragmentation in molecular cloud
Law, Chi Yan (CUHK), Li, Hua Bai (CUHK), Leung, Po Kin (CUHK)
17 Chang Won Lee
An ALMA Identification of L328-IRS as a Proto-Brown Dwarf?
18 Yong-Hee Lee
Comparison of N-PDFs derived from continuum and line emission toward Orion A
Yong-Hee Lee (Kyung Hee Univ.); Jeong-Eun Lee (Kyung Hee Univ.); Hyeong Sik Yun (Kyung Hee Univ.); Yunhee Choi (Kyung Hee Univ.); Steve Mairs (NRC Herzberg Astronomy and Astrophysics); Doug Johnstone (NRC Herzberg Astronomy and Astrophysics)
19 Li-Wen Liao
Resolving High Velocity Components in NGC2023 MM1 Outflows
Li-Wen Liao (NTHU); Vivien Chen (NTHU)
20 Min-Kai Lin
Lifting dust particles in protoplanetary disks by the vertical shear instability
Min-Kai Lin (ASIAA)
21 Sheng-Jun Lin
Dating a prestellar core: L1512
Sheng-Jun Lin (IoA, NTHU, Taiwan), Shih-Ping Lai (IoA, NTHU, Taiwan), Laurent Pagani (LERMA, France)
22 Fernando Olguin choupay
Inner envelope rotation of the massive YSO GL 2591
Fernando Olguin (NTHU), Melvin Hoare (University of Leeds), Katharine Johnston (University of Leeds)
23 Anil Pandey
Star formation in Auriga region
Anil K. Pandey (ARIES, Manora Peak, Nainital - 263001, India) Saurabh Sharma (ARIES, Manora Peak, Nainital - 263001, India)
24 RAMPRASAD Prajapati
Influence of Neutrino Beam on The Jeans Instability in Magnetized Degenerate Dense Stars
R P Prajapati (Department of Pure & Applied Physics, Guru Ghasidas Central University, Bilaspur-495009 (C.G.), India
25 Carlos Tapia
Vertical structure and emission of magnetized acretion disk aroud young stars
Carlos Tapia IRyA, UNAM Susana Lizano IRyA, UNAM
26 Miikka Väisälä
A Comparison of Synthetic Polarization Maps of Supernova-Driven Turbulence with Planck Observations
Miikka Väisälä (ASIAA, Formerly: University of Helsinki); Frederick Gent (Aalto University); Mika Juvela (University of Helsinki); Maarit Käpylä (MPS/Aalto University)
27 Ya-Lin Wu
Low Radio Flux of Planet-mass Companions: Compact Circumplanetary Disks?
Ya-Lin Wu (University of Arizona); Laird Close (University of Arizona); Josh Eisner (University of Arizona); Patrick Sheehan (University of Oklahoma)
28 Ram Kesh Yadav
Young stellar population and physical conditions in star forming mid-infrared bubbles
Ram Kesh Yadav
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