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East Asia Submillimeter-wave Receiver Workshop
November 25(Thu)-26(Fri), 2021
Update: Due to recent restrictions, the workshop is fully online.


Thursday November 25, 2021
08:45~09:00 Opening remarks
Ue-Li Pen (ASIAA)
Section 1 Heterodyne/Direct detectors (I) Chair: Ming-Jye Wang
09:00~09:30 The Development of the Compact Triple Band Receiver System for the Three Italian Radio Telescopes
Seog-Tae Han (KASI(Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute))
09:30~09:50 A Dual-Band Receiver Based on a Single Superconducting Hot Electron Bolometer Mixer
Kangmin Zhou (Purple Mountain Observatory)
09:50~10:10 Development Progress of a Waveguide-Type Hot Electron Bolometer Mixer at 2-THz Band
Yoshihisa Irimajiri (NICT)
Group Photo section (Please turn your camera on)
10:10~10:25 Coffee Break
Section 2 Heterodyne/Direct detectors (II) Chair: Jung-Won Lee
10:25~10:45 Fabrication of 2 THz Waveguide Type Hot Electron Bolometer Mixer
Akira Kawakami (NICT)
10:45~11:05 Development of a 300 GHz Amplifier based on InP HBT Technology
Sooyeon Kim (ETRI (electronics and telecommunications research institute))
11:05~11:25 Graphene-based hot electron bolometers with Johnson noise thermometry
Feiming Li (Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
11:25~13:00 Lunch
Section 3 Heterodyne/Direct detectors (III) Chair: Wenlei Shan
13:00~13:20 Current Status of wSMA Receiver
Ming-Jye Wang (Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Academia Sinica)
13:20~13:40 SIS photon detector for THz observation beyond gap energy
Ayako Niwa (University of Tsukuba)
13:40~14:00 Status report on the eQ receiver for NRO 45-m telescope
Chau Chau-ching (ASIAA)
14:00~14:20 Improving system detection efficiency of superconducting transition-edge single-photon detectors
JiaQiang Zhong (Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
14:20~14:35 Coffee Break
Section 4 Components Chair: Yuh-Jing Hwang
14:35~14:55 Development status of an SIS-mixer-based amplifier
Yoshinori Uzawa (NAOJ)
14:55~15:15 4K Cryogenic Nitrogen-deficient NbTiN Thin Film Resistors Fabricated by Using Reactive Sputtering
Shan Wenlei (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)
15:15~15:35 Proof-of-concept experiment on a novel microwave circulator
Masui Sho (Osaka Prefecture University / NAOJ)
15:35~15:55 Local Oscillator Power Distributor for sub-mm Wave Receiver Based on SiNx/Si Membrane Technology
Yan-Jun Wang (Graduate Institute of Astrophysics, National Taiwan University, Taipei 10617, Taiwan)
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