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East Asia Submillimeter-wave Receiver Workshop
November 25-26, 2021
Update: Due to recent restrictions, the workshop is fully online.


Total number: 63
1 Geoffrey Bower ASIAA
2 Hsiao-Wen Chang 張曉文 ASIAA
3 Chau Chau-ching 章朝盛 ASIAA
[Oral Presentation] Status report on the eQ receiver for NRO 45-m telescope
4 Ming-Tang Chen 陳明堂 Academia Sinica
[Oral Presentation] The Greenland Project - Thule Operations
5 Anne-Laure Fontana IRAM
6 Alvaro Gonzalez NAOJ
[Oral Presentation] Project and technical overview of the next generation Very Large Array (ngVLA)
7 Seog-Tae Han 韓 錫 太 KASI(Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute)
[Oral Presentation] The Development of the Compact Triple Band Receiver System for the Three Italian Radio Telescopes
8 Kang Haoran 康浩然 The University of Tokyo
[Oral Presentation] Precise far-field reconstruction and probe compensation in planar near-field measurement
9 Yuichi Hori Nagoya University
10 Ying-Chi Hu ASIAA
11 Ted Huang ASIAA
12 Yuh-Jing Hwang ASIAA
13 Hiroaki Imada NAOJ
14 Yoshihisa Irimajiri 入交 芳久 NICT
[Oral Presentation] Development Progress of a Waveguide-Type Hot Electron Bolometer Mixer at 2-THz Band
15 Tetsuya Ito 伊藤 哲也 NAOJ
16 Do-Heung Je KASI
[Oral Presentation] Development of 12-18 GHz YIG Synthesizer for Korean VLBI Network W-band Receiver
17 Homin Jiang ASIAA
[Oral Presentation] Developing Digitizers for Next Generation Radio Telescopes.
18 Keiko  Kaneko NAOJ
19 Jiman Kang KASI
20 Akira Kawakami 川上 彰 NICT
[Oral Presentation] Fabrication of 2 THz Waveguide Type Hot Electron Bolometer Mixer
21 Jungwon Kim KAIST
[Oral Presentation] Optical frequency comb: an emerging technology for ultralow-noise microwaves and (sub-)millimeter-waves
22 Sooyeon Kim 金秀蓮 ETRI (electronics and telecommunications research institute)
[Oral Presentation] Development of a 300 GHz Amplifier based on InP HBT Technology
23 Kazuhiro Kobayashi 小林和宏 Nagoya University
24 Patrick Koch ASIAA
25 Takafumi Kojima 小嶋崇文 NAOJ
26 Tomohiro Koseki University of Tsukuba
[Oral Presentation] Development of cryogenic readout circuit for Photon Counting THz Interferometry
27 Bangwon Lee 李芳遠 Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute
[Oral Presentation] 4K cryogenic test of prototype band 7+8 cartridge receiver
28 JUNG-WON Lee Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute
29 Chao-Te Li ASIAA
30 Feiming Li 李费明 Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
[Oral Presentation] Graphene-based hot electron bolometers with Johnson noise thermometry
31 Doris Maier IRAM
32 Takaho Masai Graduate University of Advanced Studies/NAOJ
33 akihiro Masukura Nagoya university ,ISEE
34 Hiroshi Matsuo 松尾 宏 NAOJ
35 Tac Nakajima 中島拓 Nagoya University
36 Ayako Niwa University of Tsukuba
[Oral Presentation] SIS photon detector for THz observation beyond gap energy
37 Nagayoshi Ohashi ASIAA
38 Yong-Sun Park Seoul National University
39 Jayesh Patekari Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology
40 Ting-Hang Pei Academia Sinica
[Oral Presentation] The Fabrications and Simulations of the Terahertz Microlamps
41 Yuan Ren 任远 Purple Mountain Observatory
42 Christophe Risacher IRAM
44 Chang-Shao Shen 沈昶劭 ASIAA
[Oral Presentation] Log-periodic Dipole Array Antenna for Fast Radio Burst Detection
45 Qing Shi 石晴 Purple mountain Observatory, CAS
[Oral Presentation] Terahertz KID demonstrating photon-noise-limited performance and intrinsic generation-recombination noise
46 Huang Shih-ming 黃士銘 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Academia Sinica
[Oral Presentation] Design of 4-12.4 GHz Quadrature Hybrid for Sideband-Separating Mixer
47 Naeun Shin Seoul National University(SNU) & Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute(KASI)
48 Masui Sho 増井 翔 Osaka Prefecture University / NAOJ
[Oral Presentation] Proof-of-concept experiment on a novel microwave circulator
49 Jung Taehyun Korea Astronomy & Space Science Institute
50 Yoichi Tamura Nagoya University
[Oral Presentation] The Large Submillimeter Telescope
51 Alfonso Trejo ASIAA
52 Yoshinori Uzawa 鵜澤佳徳 NAOJ
[Oral Presentation] Development status of an SIS-mixer-based amplifier
53 Chun-Lun Wang 王君倫 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Academia Sinica
54 Ming-Jye Wang 王明杰 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Academia Sinica
[Oral Presentation] Current Status of wSMA Receiver
55 Yan-Jun Wang Graduate Institute of Astrophysics, National Taiwan University, Taipei 10617, Taiwan
[Oral Presentation] Local Oscillator Power Distributor for sub-mm Wave Receiver Based on SiNx/Si Membrane Technology
56 Shan Wenlei National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
[Oral Presentation] 4K Cryogenic Nitrogen-deficient NbTiN Thin Film Resistors Fabricated by Using Reactive Sputtering
57 Hiroaki Yamamoto Nagoya University
58 Yasumasa Yamasaki Osaka Prefecture University
[Oral Presentation] Investigation of optimal dielectric lens for a new 7-beam receiver in 72–116 GHz on the Nobeyama 45-m telescope
59 ShengFeng Yen 顏聖峰 ASIAA
60 Yoshinori Yonekura 米倉覚則 Ibaraki University
61 Yilong Zhang 张翼龙 Purple Mountain Observatory, CAS
[Oral Presentation] Inverse design of terahertz phase grating based on deep learning
62 JiaQiang Zhong 钟家强 Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences
[Oral Presentation] Improving system detection efficiency of superconducting transition-edge single-photon detectors
63 Kangmin Zhou 周康敏 Purple Mountain Observatory
[Oral Presentation] A Dual-Band Receiver Based on a Single Superconducting Hot Electron Bolometer Mixer
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