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East Asia Submillimeter-wave Receiver Workshop
November 25(Thu)-26(Fri), 2021
Update: Due to recent restrictions, the workshop is fully online.

Oral Presentation

Development status of an SIS-mixer-based amplifier

Author(s): Yoshinori Uzawa, Takafumi Kojima, Kazumasa Makise, Akira Kawakami, Yuto Kozuki, Sho Masui, and Wenlei Shan

Presenter: Yoshinori Uzawa (NAOJ)

We are developing an SIS-mixer-based microwave amplifier that is expected to have the low-noise and low-power consumption required for multi-pixel heterodyne SIS receivers. The amplifier employs two SIS mixers as up/down frequency converters and a Josephson array oscillator as a local oscillator. We will show the status of the development.

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