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Black Hole Astrophysics with VLBI: Past, Present, and Future
- Workshop in honor of Professor INOUE Makoto's retirement -
March 27(Mon)-29(Wed), 2017
Mitaka Campus, NAOJ, Tokyo, Japan


Wednesday March 29, 2017
Session 2d : Astrophysical masers
08:40~09:10 Invited New Maser Probes for Extragalactic Studies
Se-Hyung Cho (Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute)
09:10~09:40 Invited Circumstellar, interstellar, and circumnuclear water masers as probes of fine structures of astrophysical objects
Hiroshi Imai (Kagoshima University)
09:40~10:00 Water-Vapor Megamasers in Active Galactic Nuclei
Naomasa Nakai (University of Tsukuba)
10:00~10:20 Probing circumnuclear region of AGN with masers
Yoshiaki Hagiwara (Toyo University)
10:20~10:40 Coffee Break
Session 4 : Ongoing projects and future prospects
10:40~11:10 Chinese Space Millimeter-VLBI Array
Zhiqiang Shen (Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
11:10~11:30 Balloon-borne VLBI and space VLBI, to penetrate opaque regions toward black hole shadows.
Akihiro Doi (JAXA)
11:30~11:50 Imaging black hole shadow with sparse modeling
Mareki Honma (Mizusawa VLBI Observatory, NAOJ)
11:50~13:00 Lunch
13:00~13:20 Invited The Greenland Telescope project and its status.
Ming-Tang Chen (Academia Sinica, Institute of Astronomy & Astrophysics)
13:20~13:40 3.5 yr Monitoring of 225 GHz Opacity at the Summit of Greenland
Satoki Matsushita (ASIAA)
13:40~14:00 Study on exoplanet imaging using intensity VLBI
Hiroshi Matsuo (ATC/NAOJ)
14:00~14:20 A New Verification Method of Applied Calibrations onto Visibility Data
Makoto Miyoshi (NAOJ)
14:20~14:40 Concluding remarks
Seiji Kameno (NAOJ)
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