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The Life Cycle of Dust in the Universe:
Observations, Theory, and Laboratory Experiments
November 18(Mon)-22(Fri), 2013
NCU, Taiwan


The poster boards at the workshop can accommodate posters of up to 100 cm in WIDTH and 140 cm in HEIGHT. Posters in either "portrait" or "landscape" format smaller than this dimension can be fitted on the board. An A0 size poster (120 cm by 84 cm), for example, can be displayed in portrait format.

Total number of abstracts: 87
Session 1: Observational constraints on dust properties (9)
1-1 Aaron C. Bell Searching for the Culprit of Anomalous Microwave Emission: An AKARI PAHrange Analysis of Probable Electric Dipole Emitting Regions
1-2 Lapo Fanciullo Photoprocessing-driven dust evolution in the diffuse ISM
1-3 L. Andrew Helton SOFIA - Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy
1-4 Sergey Khoperskov Transport of the charged dust grains to the galactic halo
1-5 Melanie Koehler Evolution of dust in the ISM
1-6 Parvaneh Ravadgar The role of dust particles in broken soliton super-symmetry
1-7 Ulysses Sofia The Connection between Depletions and Extinction
1-8 Christopher Tibbs Using Spinning Dust Emission To Constrain The Evolution Of Dust Grains In Cold Clumps
1-9 Sascha Tamara Zeegers Investigating dense interstellar dust environments in the X-rays
Session 2: High-z dust (4)
2-1 Hideo Matsuhara Dust Science Capability of the Next Generation Infrared Astronomy Mission SPICA
2-2 Daniel Perley Evidence for Rapid Photodestruction of Interstellar Dust by Radiation from Gamma-Ray Burst 120119A
2-3 Tsutomu Takeuchi The Infrared Excess-UV spectral Slope Relation of Galaxies and its Evolution at 0 < z < 3
2-4 Wei-Hao Wang Dust Emission as a Probe to Galaxy Evolution in the Distant Universe
Session 3: Dust in galaxies (13)
3-1 Marco Bocchio Dust collisional heating and small grain destruction in NGC 4438
3-2 Gen Chiaki Collapsing Low-metallicity Gas Clouds with the Growth of Dust Grains
3-3 Christopher Clark A Blind Survey of the Local Dusty Universe with Herschel-ATLAS
3-4 Lei Hao S3AGA: The Spitzer/IRS and SDSS Spectral Atlas of Galaxies and AGNs
3-5 Atsuko Kawakita Constructing the Spectral Energy Distribution Model of Galaxies Considering Dust Extinction and Re-emision
3-6 Masato Kobayashi Baryonic Tully-Fisher relation and star formation rate
3-7 Ka-Hei Law Fitting the full UV-IR SED of Nearby Galaxies with DirtyGrid
3-8 Mei-Chun Lin The Contribution from Circumstellar Dust to the Integrated Spectral Energy Distribution of the Large Magellanic Cloud
3-9 Ye-Wei Mao Features of Dust Attenuation Law in UV and IR Observational Properties for Galaxies
3-10 Tomohiko Nakamura AKARI/IRC Imaging Observations of the Merger Remnant NGC 2782
3-11 Naslim Neelamkodan Molecular hydrogen emission in diffuse regions of LMC
3-12 Itsuki Sakon Dust Science with SPICA/MCS
3-13 Yanxia Xie Unique MIR spectral features and dust properties of young AGN
Session 4: Dust production by massive stars (8)
4-1 Chiara Biscaro Molecule and dust reprocessing by the reverse shock in the supernova remnant Cas A
4-2 Hyun-Jeong Kim Dust in the Mid-Infrared Source IRAS 15099-5856 with Prominent Crystalline Silicate Emission
4-3 Takuma Kokusho Iron and dust in the supernova remnant IC443
4-4 Bon-Chul Koo Dust in Cassiopeia A
4-5 Chien-De Lee Dust Formation of Evolved Massive Main Sequence Stars
4-6 Stefania Marassi Population III Supernovae and the elemental composition of carbon-normal and carbon-enhanced
4-7 Margaret Meixner Herschel and ALMA measurements of Dust and Molecules in Supernova 1987A
4-8 Arkaprabha Sarangi Dust and molecules in the ejecta of type II-P supernovae
Session 5: Dust production by AGB stars (12)
5-1 Flavia Dell'agli Dust from AGBs: from carbon to silicates, the role of the Hot Bottom Burning
5-2 David Gobrecht Forming silicate and alumina dust in the wind of the O-rich AGB IK Tau
5-3 Martin Groenewegen Luminosities and mass-loss rates of Local Group AGB stars and Red Supergiants
5-4 L. Andrew Helton Evolution and Development of the Slow, Dusty Nova, V1280 Scorpii (Nova Sco 2007a)
5-5 Tomasz Kaminski Observing dust-forming refractory oxides AlO, TiO, and TiO2 in circumstellar gas around evolved stars
5-6 Nimesh Patel Probing the dust formation zone in IRC+10216 with the SMA
5-7 Itsuki Sakon The History of Dust Formation in V1280Sco Revealed by Multi-Epoch Near- to Mid-Infrared Observations over 5 Years
5-8 Alfonso Trejo The dust injection rate from AGB stars into the Milky Way
5-9 Toshiya Ueta Probing Ancient Mass Loss with AKARI’s Extended Thermal Dust Emission Objects
5-10 Toshiya Ueta Investigating Proto-Planetary Nebulae through Angular Differential Imaging
5-11 Issei Yamamura WISE J180956.27-330500.2: A star with a recently-formed thick dust envelope
5-12 Ronny Zhao-geisler Spectro-imaging of the Mira variable W Hya with MIDI/VLTI
Session 6: The Interstellar Dust Reservoir (15)
6-1 Ryosuke Asano How do the extinction curves in galaxies evolve?
6-2 Hui-Chen Chen Extracting diffuse interstellar bands from cool star spectra
6-3 Xavier Dupac The Planck Legacy Archive: data and tools to mine Galactic dust and other treasures
6-4 Daisuke Ishihara AKARI mid-infrared all-sky survey: development of the new inter-planetary dust (IPD) map and the world-first all-sky PAH map
6-5 Ting-Wen Lan Probing diffuse interstellar bands with two million lines of sight from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
6-6 Charlène Lefevre Evolution of dust properties inside molecular clouds from coreshine modelling
6-7 Tamami Mori AKARI Near-Infrared Spectroscopy of Galactic HII regions
6-8 Takashi Onaka Near-Infrared Spectroscopy of Diffuse Galactic Radiation with AKARI/IRC
6-9 Daniela Pinheiro gonçalves Dust Evolution in Intermediate Velocity Clouds
6-10 Francisco Salgado Dust properties in HII regions
6-11 Juergen Steinacker Tracing grain growth from molecular clouds to disk envelopes with coreshine
6-12 Kengo Tachihara Understanding of Gas and Dust Properties in the Interstellar Medium from the Planck All-sky Survey
6-13 Issei Yamamura AKARI Contribution to the Dust Studies
6-14 Nathalie Ysard Variation of dust properties in a dense filament of the Taurus molecular complex (L1506)
6-15 Gail Zasowski Near-IR Diffuse Interstellar Bands in the APOGEE Survey
Session 7: Carbon-based dust (11)
7-1 Marcin Gladkowski Comparison between 30 micron sources in different galaxies
7-2 Mark Hammonds Catalytic Formation of PAHs over Crystalline Silicate Dust Grains
7-3 Ciska Kemper On the nature of the 30-μm feature in carbon-rich Planetary Nebulae
7-4 Maria Khramtsova Observable signatures of lifecycle of PAHs in HII complexes
7-5 Ho-Gyu Lee PAH in the bright infrared supernova remnant G349.7+0.2
7-6 Elisabetta Micelotta The Circle of Dust: From Nanoparticles to Macromolecules and Beyond
7-7 Ryou Ohsawa Evolution of Planetary Nebulae and PAH features
7-8 Masaaki Otsuka Physical Properties of Fullerene-containing Galactic Planetary Nebulae
7-9 Gregory C. Sloan The nature of circumstellar hydrocarbons
7-10 David Stock Extinction amd PAH intensity variations across the HII region IRAS 12063-6259
7-11 David Stock The PAH emission properties of an ensemble of UCHII regions in W49A.
Session 8: Protoplanetary disks and the Solar system (6)
8-1 Takuya Fujiyoshi Dust mineralogy in the circumstellar envelope of SVS13
8-2 Naomi Hirano Probing the earliest stage of protostellar evolution using mm and submm dust continuum emission
8-3 Gwendolyn Meeus Dust growth in Herbig Ae/Be discs
8-4 Oscar Morata Dust observations with the new ALMA Band 1 receiver
8-5 Shoko Sai NIR Direct Imaging of the Debris Disk around HD 15115
8-6 Hongchi Wang Dust growth, settlement, and dispersal in protoplanetary disks from SED fitting
Session 9: Dust astrophysics in the laboratory (9)
9-1 Yuki Kimura Direct determination of a sticking probability in a nucleation event based on microgravity experiment and a formation process of iron dust
9-2 Chiyoe Koike Infrared spectra of silica polymorphs
9-3 Jean Louis Lemaire H2 formation on silicate dust: i) laboratory studies and ii) possible observational confirmation on a PNe using the VLT
9-4 Pierre Mohr Laboratory measurements of the far-infrared to millimeter dust opacity of amorphous Mg/Fe silicates
9-5 Elena Andra Muntean QUB Low Energy Ion-Ices Irradiation Experiment
9-6 Michel Nuevo Photo-Induced Deuterium Enrichment in Residues Produced from the UV Irradiation of Pyrimidine in H2O and H2O+NH3 Ices
9-7 Parvaneh Ravadgar Dust formation around the cracks (black-bodies) in GaN single crystals
9-8 Akira Tsuchiyama Spherical silicate particles as analogues of circumstellar dust: IR spectral features and crystallization kinetics.
9-9 Chunqing Yuan Radiation Damage Effect on Photodesorption Rates from Astronomical Ices
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