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The Life Cycle of Dust in the Universe:
Observations, Theory, and Laboratory Experiments
November 18(Mon)-22(Fri), 2013
NCU, Taiwan


Monday November 18, 2013
08:00~09:00 Registration
Conference Opening
Chair: Nimesh Patel
09:00~09:15 Welcome address
Paul Ho (ASIAA)
09:15~09:30 Conference Photo
1. Observational constraints on dust properties
09:30~10:10 Review The physical and compositional properties of dust: what do we really know?
Anthony Jones (Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale (IAS))
10:10~10:50 Review Modeling Cosmic Dust: How to Use Optical "Constants"
Angela Speck (University of Missouri)
10:50~11:20 Coffee Break
Chair: Darach Watson
11:20~11:40 Dust Grain Alignment in the Interstellar Medium
John Vaillancourt (USRA/SOFIA)
11:40~12:00 Dust Polarization and Magnetic Field in Star formation
Ya-Wen Tang (ASIAA)
12:00~12:40 Review Depletions of Elements from the Gas Phase: A Guide on Dust Compositions
Edward Jenkins (Princeton University Observatory)
12:40~13:40 Lunch
Chair: Lisa Young
13:40~14:00 The X-ray side of the absorption by interstellar dust in the Milky Way
Elisa Costantini (SRON, Netherlands Institute for Space Research)
14:00~14:20 Constraints on dust composition in the Magellanic Clouds from gas-phase zinc, silicon, chromium, and iron abundances
Kirill Tchernyshyov (Johns Hopkins University)
2. High-z dust
14:20~15:00 Review Sources of Dust in the Early Universe
Christa Gall (NASA/GSFC, DARK/NBI)
15:00~15:30 Coffee Break
15:30~16:30 Poster Session
Chair: Lei Hao
16:30~16:50 Connecting Dust and Galaxy Properties at High Redshift
Daniel Perley (Caltech)
16:50~17:10 The extinction law at high redshift
Simona Gallerani (Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa)
17:10~17:30 The dust budget crisis in high-redshift submillimetre galaxies
Kate Rowlands (University of St Andrews)
17:30~17:50 Dust in the first quasars as a powerful probe of galaxy/BH co-evolution
Rosa Valiante (INAF-Observatory of Rome)
18:00~19:00 Opening Reception
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