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East Asian Meeting on Astronomy
October 14(Mon)-18(Fri), 2013
NCU, Taiwan


Wednesday October 16, 2013
IX. Regional Collaboration (4) Chair: Chow-Choong NGEOW (NCU)
09:00~09:18 The Wide Field Telescope
Ji Yang (Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
09:20~09:38 The status of Transneptunian Automated Occultation Survey (TAOS II)
Shiang-Yu Wang (ASIAA)
09:40~09:58 The University of Tokyo Atacama Observatory (TAO) Project
Mamoru Doi (The University of Tokyo)
10:00~10:18 Current Status of the Pan-STARRS Project and Beyond
Wen-Ping Chen (National Central University)
10:20~10:40 Tea Break
X. Regional Collaboration (5) Chair: Mareki HONMA (NAOJ)
10:40~10:58 Kyoto Univ. 3.8m New Technology Telescope
Mikio Kurita (Kyoto University)
11:00~11:18 An East-Asian Collaboration in VLBI Astronomy
Kenta Fujisawa (Yamaguchi University)
11:20~11:38 Current Status of the KVN
Do-Young Byun (KASI)
11:40~11:58 Greenland Telescope for submm VLBI
Makoto Inoue (ASIAA)
12:00~12:13 Cryogenic Wideband MMIC-LNA development in SHAO
Ying Chen (Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,Chinese Academy of Sciences)
12:15~13:30 Lunch
XI. Regional Collaboration (6) Chair: Hyung Mok LEE (SNU)
13:30~13:48 The latest status of the Submillimeter array (SMA)
Naomi Hirano (ASIAA)
13:50~14:08 An Update on AMiBA
Jiun-Huei Proty Wu (National Taiwan University)
14:10~14:23 Synergy of wide-field cyclical surveys and 4-channel simultaneous imager "Dogioya"
Daisuke Kinoshita (Institute of Astronomy, National Central University)
14:25~14:38 The SED Machine - Fast Classification of Transient Objects
Andreas Ritter (NCU)
14:40~14:58 Data-Intensive Astronomy
Masatoshi Ohishi (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)
15:00~15:18 Numerical simulations of cosmic structures
Yipeng Jing (Shanghai Jiaotong University/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory)
15:20~15:33 Silk Road Project - an Asian and international collaboration on supercomputing and gravitational wave research
Rainer Spurzem (National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
15:35~15:53 AKARI data reduction and archive project
Satoshi Takita (ISAS/JAXA)
15:53~16:20 Tea Break
XII. Regional Collaboration (7) Chair: Yipeng JING (SJTU)
16:20~16:38 Observation of Electromagnetic Waves Associated with Gravitational Wave Events
Hyung Mok Lee (Seoul National University)
16:40~16:58 Superflares on solar-type stars
Hiroyuki Maehara (The University of Tokyo)
17:00~17:18 Detection and characterization of extra-solar planets by infrared radial velocity and high-contrast imaging instruments
Takayuki Kotani (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)
17:20~17:38 Studies of Exoplanetary Systems with Subaru Telescope
Masayuki Kuzuhara (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
17:40~17:53 The Asteroid Rotation Period Study Using PTF Data
Chan-Kao Chang (Institute of Astronamy, National Central University, Taiwan)
17:55~18:08 Designing Science Classroom for Astronomy in Mongolian Traditional Home
Tsolmon Renchin (National University of Mongolia)
18:10~18:20 Discussion
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