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East Asian Meeting on Astronomy
October 14(Mon)-18(Fri), 2013
NCU, Taiwan

Invited Presentation

Detection and characterization of extra-solar planets by infrared radial velocity and high-contrast imaging instruments

Author(s): Takayuki Kotani (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan), Motohide Tamura (Univ. of Tokyo), T. Matsuo (Kyoto univ.), N. Murakami (Hokkaido univ.), H. Kawahara (Univ. of Tokyo), IRD team, SEIT team

Presenter: Takayuki Kotani (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)

We present our future instruments to detect extra-solar planets around nearby stars. We first talk about the Infrared Doppler (IRD), which is the near-infrared, high-spectral resolution spectrometer for the Subaru telescope aiming at detection of Earth-mass planets around M-type stars by high-precision radial velocity (RV) measurements. The expected RV precision of IRD is 1m/s and it enables us to conduct systematic RV surveys of nearby M stars aiming for down to one Earth-mass planet. Observational and theoretical studies of planets around M-types stars and stellar properties for the IRD science are also ongoing. Next we talk about Second Earth Imager for TMT (SEIT) project for the direct detection and characterization of Earth-mass planets in habitable-zone around nearby M-type stars. We describe the science case and the current design of the instrument to achieve 10^8 contrast at very high-angular resolution in the near infrared, which is required to directly detect one Earth-mass planets with TMT.

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