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East Asian Meeting on Astronomy
October 14(Mon)-18(Fri), 2013
NCU, Taiwan

Oral Presentation

Synergy of wide-field cyclical surveys and 4-channel simultaneous imager "Dogioya"

Author(s): Kinoshita Daisuke (National Central University), and Dogioya Development Team

Presenter: Daisuke Kinoshita (Institute of Astronomy, National Central University)

In order to carry out immediate follow-up observations for new
discoveries by large scale cyclical astronomical surveys such as
Pan-STARRS and Palomar Transient Factory, a visible 4-channel
simultaneous imager "Dogioya" has been developed. Three dichroic
mirrors are used to split the beam from the telescope, and images at
four different pass bands are recorded simultaneously by four CCD
cameras. The main scope of this instrument is to conduct efficient and
reliable color measurements of moving and transient celestial objects,
such as asteroids and supernovae, even under relatively poor condition
nights. Optical multi-band color information of an astronomical object
right after its discovery is a clue for understanding the origin,
physical properties, and chemical composition of the body. Visible
4-channel simultaneous imager also improves the observing efficiency
due to the fact that we are able to obtain the imaging data at
different pass bands at the same time. We have successfully developed
key components of the instrument, including a fully depleted CCD
imager "NCUcam-1", and assembled the system in the laboratory. Four
unit cameras, including "NCUcam-1" has been tested using existing 1-m
telescope at Lulin observatory, and unit cameras have been
characterized using the data both from the observatory and
laboratory. The whole system of "Dogioya" is now ready to be tested
with a telescope, and the shipping to Hawaii is planed at the end of
2013 for the test observation using 2.2-m telescope at the summit of
Mauna Kea under the collaboration with University of Hawaii. We report
the scientific objectives, design, development strategy, current
status of the instrument, discuss the synergy of cyclical surveys and
Dogioya, and give a near-future plan for the first-light observation
of the whole Dogioya system.

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