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East Asian Meeting on Astronomy
October 14(Mon)-18(Fri), 2013
NCU, Taiwan


Thursday October 17, 2013
XIII. Regional Collaboration (8) Chair: Michitoshi YOSHIDA (Hiroshima U)
09:00~09:18 Status and Future Plans of the NAOJ
Masahiko Hayashi (NAOJ)
09:20~09:38 Infrared Polarimetric Studies toward Star and Planet Forming Regions
Jungmi Kwon (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)
09:40~09:53 Polarization and Magnetic Field in Star formation
Ya-Wen Tang (ASIAA)
09:55~10:08 Multi-wavebands study of Supernova remnants
Xiaohong Cui (National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences (NAOC))
10:10~10:23 location the stars in n>3-dimenitions
Hsihchia Hsieh (Providence Univ)
10:25~10:38 Binary nature revealed in circumstellar spiral-shell patterns
Hyosun Kim (ASIAA)
10:40~10:53 CIBER: Sounding rocket experiment to observe the near-infrtared background
Toshio Matsumoto (ASIAA)
10:55~11:10 Discussion
11:10~11:25 Tea Break
XIV. Regional Collaboration (9) Chair: Ji YANG (PMO)
11:25~11:43 Conditions and Development of Ali Site, Tibet
Yongqiang Yao (National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
11:45~12:03 A China-Japan Collaborative Site Survey in west Tibet - Sky clearness at Gar/Ali, Tibet -
Toshiyuki Sasaki (NAOJ)
12:05~12:23 HiNOTORI: Hiroshima 50cm telescope project in Tibet area
Michitoshi Yoshida (Hiroshima University)
12:25~12:40 Discussion
12:40~14:00 Lunch
XV. Status Update & Prospects Chair: Wen-Ping CHEN (NCU)
14:00~14:18 Status of the Subaru Telescope
Nagayoshi Ohashi (Subaru Telescope, NAOJ)
14:20~14:38 HSC and the status of Subaru Telescope
Satoshi Miyazaki (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)
14:40~14:58 The Future of the JCMT: Observing the Present through the Distant Past
Doug Johnstone (Joint Astronomy Centre)
XVI. EACOA into the Future Chair: Paul HO (ASIAA)
15:00~15:18 Cooperation in East Asian Astronomy: Past and Future
Norio Kaifu (NAOJ)
15:20~15:33 Report of EAYAM: East Asian Young Astronomers Meeting
Hidekazu Hanayama (NAOJ)
15:35~15:55 Discussion
15:55~16:00 Closing Remarks
Norio KAIFU, Paul HO
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