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ALMA Band 1 Science Workshop
January 16-20, 2017
ASIAA Auditorium, Taipei, Taiwan


SV sessions:
Jan 19-20 will be dedicated to the discussion and planning of the upcoming Band 1 Science Verification (SV) phase. If you are going to stay for the SV Sessions, please sign up at on-site registration on Monday. We will be able to provide remote access to the discussions, including the possibility of sharing presentation files. Information on how to remotely access the sessions will be provided to the Band 1 SV list during the week. If you would like to present anything for the discussion, please drop us an e-mail so we can plan for it in advance.

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Tuesday January 17, 2017
Molecular gas at high-z
Session Chair: Wei-Hao Wang (ASIAA)
09:00~09:35 Molecular line observations of galaxies near and far using ALMA Band 1
Kotaro Kohno (University of Tokyo)
09:35~10:10 Imaging Molecular Gas in the Distant Universe with ALMA Band 1
Justin Spilker (University of Arizona)
10:10~10:50 Coffee Break
Session Chair: Satoki Matsushita (ASIAA)
10:50~11:25 The Distant Universe as seen by ALMA in Band 1
Dominik Riechers (Cornell University)
11:25~11:50 The morphology of high-redshift starbursts: resolved CO(1-0) imaging of z~2.5 SMGs
James Simpson (University of Edinburgh)
Grain-growth and spinning dust
11:50~12:25 Anomalous Microwave Emission from Very Small Dust Grains
Anna Scaife (University of Manchester)
12:25~13:20 Lunch
Session Chair: Vivien Chen (NTHU)
13:20~13:45 Origin of very large grains in dense molecular cores and protostellar envelopes
Hiroyuki Hirashita (ASIAA)
Molecular lines
13:45~14:20 Observing complex organic molecules at high spatial and velocity resolution: New diagnostics for understanding star formation?
Maria Cunningham (University of New South Wales)
14:20~14:40 The Fossil Nuclear Outflow in the Central 30 pc of the Galactic Center
Pei-Ying Hsieh (ASIAA)
14:40~15:05 Vibrationally excited lines as tracers of hidden AGN activity
Francesco Costagliola (Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden))
15:05~15:45 Coffee Break
Session Chair: Paul Ho (ASIAA)
15:45~16:10 Torsionally-Excited CH3OH Line as a Direct Tracer of the First Core with the ALMA Band 1 Observation
Shigehisa Takakuwa (Kagoshima University / ASIAA)
16:10~16:30 The ATCA 7-mm line survey of SgrB2
Paul Jones (University of New South Wales)
16:30~17:00 Discussion Session
18:30 Banquet at E Ya Ji 易牙居
台北市羅斯福路三段286巷16號 No.1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Rd, Taipei
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