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ALMA Band 1 Science Workshop
January 16-20, 2017
ASIAA Auditorium, Taipei, Taiwan

Oral Presentation

The morphology of high-redshift starbursts: resolved CO(1-0) imaging of z~2.5 SMGs

Author(s): James Simpson, Rob Ivison

Presenter: James Simpson (University of Edinburgh)

I will present the results of a study with the VLA to detect, and resolve, 12CO(J=1-0) emission from four high-redshift sub-mm galaxies (SMG; z~2.5). Our observations yield maps at an angular resolution of ~1", sufficient to resolve the CO(1-0) emission from these archetypal SMGs and thus constrain the extent and mass of the molecular gas reservoirs in these systems. Furthermore, each of our targets has existing detections of higher-J 12CO emission (3-2;7-6) allowing us to study the connection between high-/low-J emission in high-redshift starburst without the complications that can affect the analysis of graviationally-lensed sources.

Finally, I will relate the extent CO(1-0) to recent studies that resolve the emission from SMGs at near-to-far-infrared wavelengths, before discussing the impact of ALMA/Band1 observation on our understanding of molecular gas at high-redshift.

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