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ALMA Band 1 Science Workshop
January 16-20, 2017
ASIAA Auditorium, Taipei, Taiwan

Invited Presentation

Observing complex organic molecules at high spatial and velocity resolution: New diagnostics for understanding star formation?

Author(s): Maria Cunningham (University of New South Wales)

Presenter: Maria Cunningham (University of New South Wales)

Over the decades since it was first understood that molecules can be used to differentiate physically distinct components of the interstellar medium, (e.g. warm regions, cool regions, dense regions and regions dominated by UV radiation), the “Holy Grail” of molecular-line astronomy has been to find chemical clocks that will give us a clear picture of the time evolution of star formation regions. Many “chemical clocks” have been proposed, but most, while giving tantalising hints that they are following an evolutionary trend, have foundered on the confusion involved in observing star forming regions where many chemically distinct regions are confused along the line of sight.

ALMA Band 1 gives us the chance to observe star forming regions with far better resolution and sensitivity than ever before. Most importantly, we can now observe the distribution of complex molecules (whose transitions can only be detected at lower frequencies, from 50 GHz and below) that only appear under very specific physical and chemical conditions.

In this presentation we discuss how observations of complex molecules with ALMA Band I provide a starting point for defining a new generation of “chemical clocks”. We also discuss the synergies between ALMA Band I, and other telescopes, such as LOFAR and the Murchison Wide-Field Array (MWA), that can also observe transitions of the very complex organic molecules, and how we can combine observations from these disparate facilities with modelling to get closer to the goal of defining an evolutionary sequence for star formation.

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