February 2(Tue)-5(Fri), 2021


The time is shown in JST (-1 hour in Taiwan) (That is, the program starts at 9:30 in Taiwan.)

Tuesday February 2, 2021
Session I (Chair: Taiki Kawamuro)
10:30~10:45 Logistics
10:45~11:15 The Assembly of the First Massive Black Holes
Kohei Inayoshi (Peking University)
11:15~11:30 Coffee Break
11:30~11:45 Super-Eddington mass growth of intermediate-mass seed black holes embedded in dusty circumnuclear disks
Daisuke Toyouchi (Kavli IPMU)
11:45~12:00 Supermassive star formation in a massive cloud with H2 molecules
Yuya Sakurai (IPMU)
12:00~12:15 Discovery of a new extreme changing-state quasar with 4 mag variation, SDSS J125809.31+351943.0
Shumpei Nagoshi (Kyoto University)
12:15~12:30 The Correlation between Broad Absorption Line Variability and Quasar Properties
Takashi Horiuchi (Ishigakijima Astronomical Observatory/NAOJ)
12:30~13:30 Lunch
Session II (Chair: Fumie Tazaki)
13:30~14:00 Impact of mm/submm VLBI observations for galaxy evolution
Keiichi Asada (ASIAA)
14:00~14:15 Medium-band Observation of the Neutrino Emitting Blazar, TXS 0506+056
Sungyong Hwang (Seoul National University)
14:15~14:30 Probing the Environments of Giant Radio Galaxies
Ting-Wen Lan (UCSC)
14:30~14:45 Coffee Break
14:45~15:15 Delayed or No AGN Feedback? - based on low-z AGN demography
Jong-Hak Woo (Seoul National University)
15:15~15:30 A method to constrain black hole models using ratios of line emission
Shigeki Inoue (Tsukuba University / NAOJ)
15:30~16:15 Coffee Break/Poster Session
Session III (Chair: Hiroyuki Hirashita)
16:15~16:30 NuSTAR Non-detection of a Faint Active Galactic Nucleus in an Ultraluminous IR Galaxy with Kpc-scale Fast Wind
Xiaoyang Chen (NAOJ)
16:30~16:45 X-ray Constraint on Location of Torus in Circinus Galaxy
Ryosuke Uematsu (Department of Astronomy, Kyoto University)
16:45~17:00 Systematic Study of AGN Clumpy Tori with Broadband X-ray Spectroscopy: Updated Unified Picture of AGN Structure
Shoji Ogawa (Kyoto University)
17:00~17:15 Identification and Analysis of Interacting Galaxies Using Spatially Resolved Kinematics
Kiyoaki Christopher Omori (Nagoya University)
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