February 2-5, 2021

Invited Presentation

Delayed or No AGN Feedback? - based on low-z AGN demography

Author(s): Jong-Hak Woo (SNU)

Presenter: Jong-Hak Woo (Seoul National University)

AGN feedback is widely accepted as a key component of regulating star formation in the growth of massive galaxies. However, direct evidence is scarce and the overall impact on galaxy evolution remains controversial. Searching for observational signatures of feedback, I have been investigated the connection between AGN activity and star formation using a large sample of low-z AGNs, in particular, by focusing on outflows as a channel of feedback. I will highlight the main results how star formation is connected to AGN based on a series of statistical and follow-up studies. First, I highlight that strong outflow AGNs and SF galaxies have comparable star formation rate (SFR), while no-outflow AGNs show much lower SFR. This trend suggests that there is no feedback or feedback is delayed. Second, based on IFU studies I report that ionized gas outflows are rather confined in a relatively small scale, suggesting a limited impact. On the other hand, star formation or shock signatures are typically detected at the edge of outflows, implying that negative and positive feedback co-exists for a given object. These results suggest no evidence of instantaneous feedback and the overall impact of outflows is rather limited, at least among low-z galaxies.

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