February 2-5, 2021


The time is shown in JST (-1 hour in Taiwan) (That is, the program starts at 9:30 in Taiwan.)

Friday February 5, 2021
Session X (Chair: Hidenobu Yajima)
10:30~10:45 Theoretical understanding of dust SEDs with the evolution of grain size distribution
Hiroyuki Hirashita (ASIAA)
10:45~11:00 The effects of physical dust evolution model on the properties of bright submillimeter galaxies
Ryu Makiya (ASIAA)
11:00~11:15 Coffee Break
11:15~11:30 JCMT SCUBA-2 Survey of Submm sources in the James Webb Space Telescope Time-Domain Field: To reveal the high-z star formation histories
MINHEE Hyun (Seoul National University)
11:30~11:45 The Mean Absorption Line Spectra of Luminous z∼6 Lyman Break Galaxies
Yuichi Harikane (University of Tokyo & University College London)
11:45~12:00 Star Formation Rate Function at z~4.5: Analysis from rest UV to Optical
Yoshihisa Asada (Kyoto University)
12:00~12:15 The diversity of IGM-galaxy connection at redshift z=2-3
Rieko Momose (University of Tokyo)
12:15~12:30 New measurement of the near-infrared extragalactic background light by evaluation of isotropic interplanetary dust
Kei Sano (Kyushu Institute of Technology)
12:30~13:30 Lunch
Session XI (Chair: Ho Seong Hwang)
13:30~13:45 Dynamical properties of massive quiescent galaxies at z~4
Masayuki Tanaka (National Astronomical Obseravtory of Japan)
13:45~14:00 Understanding Quenching at High-z from their low-z counterparts
Po-Feng Wu (NAOJ)
14:00~14:15 Spatially resolved spectrophotometric SED fitting of galaxies with piXedfit
Abdurro'uf Abdurro'uf (ASIAA)
14:15~14:30 Unveiling quenching history of cluster/group galaxies using phase-space analysis
Jinsu Rhee (Yonsei University)
14:30~14:45 Coffee Break
14:45~15:00 An investigation of Star Formation Activity of Jellyfish Galaxies in Massive Galaxy Clusters with Gemini GMOS/IFU
Jeong Hwan Lee (Seoul National University (SNU))
15:00~15:15 The Effects of Ram Pressure Stripping on the Star Formation Activity of Galaxies in the Virgo Cluster
Jae Yeon Mun (Seoul National University)
15:15~15:30 Revealing impacts of stellar mass and environment on galaxy quenching since z~1
Zhiying Mao (Tohoku University)
15:30~15:45 A topological approach to galaxy distribution analysis
Kai Kono (Nagoya University)
15:45~16:00 Understanding Galaxy Evolution through Machine Learning
Suchetha Cooray (Nagoya University)
16:00~16:15 Concluding Remarks
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