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East Asian Meeting on Astronomy
October 14(Mon)-18(Fri), 2013
NCU, Taiwan

Oral Presentation

location the stars in n>3-dimenitions

Author(s): hsihchia.hsieh(providence univ)

Presenter: Hsihchia Hsieh (Providence Univ)

By Hsieh Hsih-Chia and Pei-Gin Hsieh
Abstract:The new star or virus is located in n>3 dimensions. Light and distance works like incentive or drug doses. Dynamic equilibrium angles locate the new star clustering in an innovative positive response in faster speed or time. Beyond the dynamic general equilibrium, an impulsive response angle is slower or negative. Dynamic propagation of angles is a transform mechanism of color or smell shifting. A sequence is a hierarchy ranking order, and is controlled and optimized by tracing and selecting the variables and models. Dynamic general equilibrium always exists. Equilibrium is an attractor and a test statistic and is unique, unbiased, and consistent for detecting distributions in the long-run and short run. Experimental estimates are tested for finite behaviors’ motion, changing correlation or dependence for non-zero star, or policy dose, and stopping time of location.
Keywords:Convergence probability; General equilibrium in continuous space and
time; non-deterministic polynomial(NP P) poblems on conflicts and resistances.
AMS subject classification: 62J05; 49K40; 92D20; 35B37.

Hsieh Hsih-chia ,Hsing-Kuo University,
Pei-Gin Hsieh, National Chung-cheng University,

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