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Future Exploration of Star and Planet Formation with Subaru
December 7(Thu)-9(Sat), 2017
ASIAA, Taipei, Taiwan


Thursday December 7, 2017
09:30~09:35 Opening Remark
You-Hua Chu (ASIAA)
09:35~09:45 Goals of the Workshop
Michihiro Takami (ASIAA)
I. Subaru: Present and Future (Chair:Byeong-Gon Park)
09:45~10:10 Overview of the Observatory (Instruments, Operation)
Tae-Soo Pyo (Subaru Telescope)
10:10~10:35 Future plan for the next 10 years (including international co-operation)
Nagayoshi Ohashi (Subaru Telescope)
10:35~10:45 Coffee Break
10:45~11:10 SCExAO, CHARIS
Thayne Currie (TV)
11:10~11:35 Ultimate Subaru
Yosuke Minowa, Yusei Koyama (Subaru)
11:35~12:00 Subaru-IRD (Invited Talk)
Takayuki Kotani (NAOJ)
12:00~13:30 Lunch
II. Science Activities & Proposals (I): ISM to Stars (Chair:Paul Ho)
13:30~13:55 ISM Surveys from FAST
Di Li (National Astronomical Observatories)
13:55~14:20 Magnetic Fields of Young Stellar Objects
Woojin Kwon (Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute)
14:20~14:40 Study the circumstellar dynamics around massive protostars
Zhibo Jiang (Purple Mountain)
14:40~15:00 Heavily obscured infrared source toward the supernova remnant G349.7+0.2
Ho-Gyu Lee (KASI)
15:00~15:20 Coffee Break
15:20~15:40 The discovery of a planetary mass object in L1495
Poshih Chiang (NCU)
15:40~16:00 Silicate crystallinity in protostars and circumstellar disks
Ciska Kemper (ASIAA)
16:00~16:30 Discussion (Host: Doug Johnstone)
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