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M87 Workshop: Towards the 100th Anniversary of the Discovery of Cosmic Jets
May 23(Mon)-27(Fri), 2016
Taipei, Taiwan


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Friday May 27, 2016
08:30~09:00 Registration
Session 5A: Lessons Learned from Radio Galaxies (Chair: Giroletti)
09:00~09:30 Invited Jet Collimation Break in M87: Exploring the Fundamental Property of AGN Jets
Masanori Nakamura (ASIAA)
09:30~09:50 Inferred gas properties within the Bondi radius of 3C84
Yutaka Fujita (Osaka University)
09:50~10:10 Approaching and counter jet structure of NGC 4261
Satomi Nakahara (SOKENDAI (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies)/JAXA)
10:10~10:40 Coffee Break
Session 5B: Lessons Learned from Radio Galaxies (Chair: Kino)
10:40~11:10 Invited M87 in a context: the radio gamma ray connection in misaligned AGNs
Marcello Giroletti (INAF Istituto di Radioastronomia)
11:10~11:40 Invited Constraining the structure and dynamics of black hole jets
William Potter (University of Oxford)
11:40~12:00 M 87 and the jet production efficiency of radio galaxies
Sascha Trippe (Seoul National University)
12:00~12:30 Future Prospects & Summary (Chairs: P. Ho & Jones)
12:30~12:35 LOC Announcement (Excursion)
12:35~13:20 Lunch Break
13:20 Gathering at ASMAB 1F Lobby
13:30 Buses depart from Xin-Hai Rd campus gate
13:30~18:30 Guided Tour to National Palace Museum and Lungshan Temple
19:00 Back to Hotel
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