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M87 Workshop: Towards the 100th Anniversary of the Discovery of Cosmic Jets
May 23(Mon)-27(Fri), 2016
Taipei, Taiwan


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Wednesday May 25, 2016
08:30~09:00 Registration
Session 3A: Black Hole Jets (Chair: Meier)
09:00~10:00 Keynote Relativistic Jets from Accreting Black Holes
Ramesh Narayan (Harvard University)
10:00~10:30 Invited Magnetic Kink Instability, Dissipation, and Fanaroff-Riley Dichotomy of AGN Jets
Alexander Tchekhovskoy (UC Berkeley / via Skype)
10:40~11:10 Coffee Break
Session 3B: Black Hole Jets (Chair: Falcke)
11:10~11:40 Invited The Role of Magnetic Fields in the Production and Propagation of Extragalactic Jets
David Meier (Caltech)
11:40~12:00 The collimation of magnetic jets by disk winds. Application to M87
Noemie Globus (The Hebrew University, Israel)
12:00~12:20 Simulating the M87 engine with the Black Hole Accretion Code (BHAC)
Oliver Porth (Institute for Theoretical Physics, Frankfurt am Main, D-60438, Germany)
12:20~12:40 Towards Observational Astronomy of Jets in Active Galaxies from GRMHD Simulations
Richard Anantua (Stanford University)
12:40 LOC Announcement (Photo)
12:40~13:50 Photo & Lunch Break
Session 3C: Black Hole Jets (Chair: Nagai)
13:50~14:20 Invited Proper Motions and Variability in the M87 Jet
John Biretta (Eureka Scientific/STScI)
14:20~14:50 Invited Multiwavelength Imaging and Polarimetry of the M87 Jet
Eric Perlman (Florida Institute of Technology)
14:50~15:10 Space-VLBI observations of M87 with RadioAstron
Tuomas Savolainen (Aalto University Metsahovi Radio Observatory)
15:10~15:30 Probing the innermost regions of AGN jets and their magnetic fields with RadioAstron at tens of microarcseconds resolution
José L. Gómez (Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía - CSIC)
15:30~16:00 Coffee Break
Session 3D: Black Hole Jets (Chair: Gomez)
16:00~16:30 Invited Observing the origin of relativistic outflows with 3-mm VLBI and beyond
Anton Zensus (Max-Planck-Institute für Radioastronomie)
16:30~17:00 Invited GMVA and VSOP observations towards M 87
Keiichi Asada (ASIAA)
17:00~17:20 High sensitivity VLBI imaging of the innermost jet and counter jet of M87
Kazuhiro Hada (Mizusawa VLBI Observatory, NAOJ)
17:20~17:25 LOC Announcement (Banquet)
18:00 Bus Transportation  (departure from Howard Int. House to B-ONE, The Sherwood Taipei)
18:30~21:00 Banquet
21:10 Bus Transportation (departure from B-ONE, The Sherwood Taipei to Howard Int. House)
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