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From cores to codes: planning for the next steps in planet formation
March 9(Tue)-11(Thu), 2021
Update: Due to recent restrictions, the workshop is fully online.
We will be using microsoft teams and the talks will be live


Tuesday March 9, 2021
09:00~09:15 Welcome
Jonty Marshall/Daniel Harsono
Planet-forming disk
09:15~09:45 Vertically shearing streaming instabilities in protoplanetary disks
Min-Kai Lin (ASIAA)
09:45~10:00 Survival of ALMA Rings in the absence of Pressure Maximum
Haochang Jiang (Tsinghua University)
10:00~10:15 Jupiter analogs across time and space
Rob Wittenmyer (University of Southern Queensland)
10:15~10:30 Puffed-up Edges of Planet-opened Gaps in Protoplanetary Disks
Jiaqing Bi (University of Victoria)
10:30~11:00 The Planetary Science Working Group in NTNU
Wei-Ling Tseng (NTNU)
11:00~11:15 Coffee Break
11:15~11:30 ALMA Band 1
Patrick Koch (ASIAA)
11:30~12:30 Discussion: What does structure tell us about planet(esimal) formation?
12:30~13:30 Lunch
13:30~14:30 Discussion: What does structure tell us, what do we want to know?
Woojin Kwon (SNU)
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