February 2-5, 2021

Poster Presentation

The recent updates of the New Numerical Galaxy Catalog (nu^2GC)

Author(s): Taira Oogi (Chiba Univ.), Hikari Shirakata (Tadano Ltd.), Masahiro Nagashima (Bunkyo Univ.), Takahiro Nishimichi (YITP), Toshihiro Kawaguchi (Onomichi City Univ.), Takashi Okamoto (Hokkaido Univ.), Tomoaki Ishiyama (Chiba Univ.), et al.

Presenter: Taira Oogi (Chiba University)

We present an updated version of our semi-analytic galaxy and AGN formation model,
the New Numerical Galaxy Catalog, nu^2GC.
The major update of the model is the merger trees of dark matter halos.
We construct the halo merger trees using an ultralarge cosmological N-body simulation,
named Uchuu, which consists of 262 billion particles in a box of 2 Gpc/h.
The unprecedentedly large and high-resolution simulation allows us accurate
determination of measurements of rare objects, such as autocorrelation functions of AGNs.
We show the basic statistical properties of galaxies and AGNs in our model,
focusing on the spacial clustering of them.
The model prediction indicates that the time-scale of gas accretion on to the
supermassive black holes plays a significant role in allowing massive halos
to host relatively faint population of AGNs.
We find that the shape of the predicted AGN correlation function shows remarkable
agreement with those from observations.

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