February 2-5, 2021

Oral Presentation

Mapping the large scale structure and environmental effects on the star formation activity in galaxies at ~ 1.5 in the DEEP2-3 Field

Author(s): Ronaldo Laishram(Tohoku University), Tadayuki Kodama, Masao Hayashi(NAOJ),Yusei Koyama(NAOJ) ,José Perez, Tomoko Suzuki

Presenter: Ronaldo Laishram (Tohoku University)

We present a novel method to estimate accurate redshifts of star-forming galaxies by measuring the flux ratio of the same emission line observed through two adjacent narrow-band filters(Hayashi+14). We apply this method to our NB912 and new NB926 data taken with Hyper Suprime-Cam on the Subaru Telescope at z ~0.41, z~0.84 and z~1.5 and its surrounding structures. This allows us to reveal filamentary structures that penetrate towards the centre of the galaxy cluster and intersect with other structures, consistent with the picture of hierarchical cluster formation. This allows us to see the cluster structure at a very thin redshift slice. We also find that the projected celestial distribution does not precisely trace the real distribution of galaxies, indicating the importance of the three-dimensional view of structures to properly identify and quantify galaxy environment.
We then investigate the environmental dependence of galaxy properties with local density.

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