February 2-5, 2021

Oral Presentation

First data release of the Uchuu simulations

Author(s): Tomoaki Ishiyama (Chiba University), Francisco Prada (Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia), Anatoly Klypin (New Mexico State University), and the Uchuu collaboration

Presenter: Tomoaki Ishiyama (Chiba University)

We report the results of ultralarge cosmological N-body simulations of
small and large scale structure formation in the Universe. First, we introduce the Uchuu suite of large high-resolution cosmological N-body simulations. The largest simulation, named Uchuu, consists of 2.1 trillion dark matter particles in a box of 2.0 Gpc/h. The highest resolution simulation, called Shin-Uchuu, consists of 262 billion particles in a box of 140 Mpc/h. Combining these simulations we can follow the evolution of dark matter haloes (and subhaloes) spanning from dwarf galaxies to massive galaxy cluster hosts. We present basic statistics, dark matter power spectra and halo mass function, to demonstrate the huge dynamic range and superb statistics of the Uchuu simulations. We also provide parameters of a mass-concentration model, which describes the evolution of halo concentrations, that reproduces our simulation data within 5% error for haloes with masses spanning nearly eight orders of magnitude at redshift 0~14. We make publicly available various N -body products, as part of Uchuu Data Release 1, on the Skies and Universes site ( We also plan to release gravitational lensing maps, mock galaxy, X-ray cluster and active galactic nuclei catalogues in the near future. The reference is "arXiv:2007.14720".

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