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East-Asian ALMA Science Workshop 2019
February 19(Wed)-21(Fri), 2020
ASIAA, Taipei, Taiwan


Friday February 21, 2020
09:00~09:20 Invited / Remote Development of the ACA Spectrometer based on GPU technology
Jongsoo Kim (KASI)
Circumstellar Disks II (Chair: Akimasa Kataoka)
09:20~09:50 Invited / Remote Toward understanding origin of gas in debris disks
Aya Higuchi (NAOJ)
09:50~10:05 The resolved dust gap-ring structure of the CR Cha disk and their possible origins
Seongjoong Kim (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
10:05~10:20 Modeling of the ALMA HL Tau polarization by mixture of grain alignment and self-scattering
Tomohiro Mori (Institute of Astronomy, the University of Tokyo)
10:20~10:35 Radial variations of grain size and turbulence in protoplanetary disks revealed by ALMA polarization
Satoshi Ohashi (RIKEN)
10:35~11:05 Coffee Break
ISM, Star Formation, and Astrochemistry III (Chair: Munetake Momose)
11:05~11:35 Invited Multi-line spectroscopy to assess molecular cloud properties
Yuri Nishimura (The University of Tokyo / NAOJ)
11:35~11:50 Feedback in Massive Star Formation
Kei Tanaka (Osaka University / NAOJ)
11:50~12:05 Singly- and doubly-deuterated formaldehyde in massive star-forming regions
Sarolta Zahorecz (Osaka Prefecture University / NAOJ)
12:05~12:20 ALMA View of Chemistry of Hot Molecular Cores at Low Metallicity
Takashi Shimonishi (Niigata University)
12:20~13:45 Lunch
ISM, Star Formation, and Astrochemistry IV (Chair: Jihyun Kang)
13:45~14:15 Invited Extremely Bright low mass protostar GSS30 IRS1: an outbursting naked protostar?
Kazuya Saigo (NAOJ)
14:15~14:30 ALMA Observations toward the S-shaped Outflow and the Envelope around NGC1333 IRAS4A2
Chen-Yu Chuang (NTU/ASIAA)
14:30~14:45 Remote A 10 au Scale View of the Low-Mass Protostellar Source IRAS 16293-2422 Source A
Yoko Oya (The University of Tokyo)
14:45~15:15 Invited Constraining dust mass and grain sizes in young stellar objects based on (sub)millimeter extinction curves
Hauyu Baobab Liu (ASIAA)
15:15~15:45 Coffee Break
Galaxies and Galactic Nuclei II (Chair: Yusuke Miyamoto)
15:45~16:15 Invited ALCHEMI survey: a comprehensive extragalactic spectra scan in an archetypal starburst galaxy NGC 253
Nanase Harada (ASIAA)
16:15~16:30 Cold molecular gas observations toward nearby luminous AGNs
Takuma Izumi (NAOJ)
16:30~16:45 Remote Star formation traced by optical and millimeter hydrogen recombination lines and free-free emissions in the dusty merging galaxy NGC 3256 – MUSE/VLT and ALMA synergy –
Tomonari Michiyama (Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics (KIAA))
16:45~17:00 ALMA Sees the Heart of Perseus: Discovery of the Cold Gas Stream and Rotating Disk in NGC1275
Hiroshi Nagai (NAOJ)
17:00~17:15 Time Variations of the Sgr A* Flux at 230 GHz
Yuhei Iwata (Keio University)
17:15~17:30 Correlation test between Eddington ratio and gas fraction of AGN host galaxies
Yui Yamashita (The University of Tokyo)
17:30~17:45 Comparison between submillimeter and near-infrared observations of IRAS 17208-0014
Shunsuke Baba (NAOJ)
17:45~18:00 Closing
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