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East-Asian ALMA Science Workshop 2019
February 19(Wed)-21(Fri), 2020
ASIAA, Taipei, Taiwan

Poster Presentation

High spatial resolution imaging of the NGC 253 nuclear starburst

Author(s): Kouichiro Nakanishi (NAOJ)

Presenter: Kouichiro Nakanishi (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)

We will present an ALMA high spatial resolution imaging observation results toward the NGC 253 nuclear starburst. Previous works in ten parsecs scale resolution with ALMA have already resolved the nuclear starburst into more than several star-forming clumps having diverse properties. However, there is still room for improving estimation of the clumps physical parameters which lead closer look into their real nature and origin. We obtained a new NGC 253 images whose spatial resolution is well better than ten parsecs, and they provided an opportunity to estimate accurate physical properties of ionized gas associated to the massive star-forming clumps.

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