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East-Asian ALMA Science Workshop 2019
February 19(Wed)-21(Fri), 2020
ASIAA, Taipei, Taiwan

Invited Presentation

The ALMA Spectroscopic Survey (ASPECS)

Author(s): Hanae Inami (Hiroshima U., Japan), Fabian Walter (MPIA, Germany), Roberto Decarli (INAF, Italy), Manuel Aravena (U. Diego Portales, Chile), Axel Weiss (MPIfR, Germany), ASPECS+MUSE team

Presenter: Hanae Inami (Hiroshima Astrophysical Science Center, Hiroshima University)

The cause of the rise of the star formation rate density towards z~1-3, the peak of galaxy growth, could be a large supply of molecular gas for forming stars, or a mechanism which causes high efficiency in star formation, or a combination of the two of these. The ALMA Spectroscopic Survey (ASPECS) project has conducted a spectroscopic survey in the Hubble Ultra Deep Field (HUDF) to perform an unbiased, blind search for CO emission, which traces the fuel of star formation. In this talk, I will first introduce the ASPECS project and show an overview of its recent results. Then I plan to present more detailed results regarding a new CO stacking analysis. This analysis is performed based on spectroscopic redshifts determined by another unbiased spectroscopic survey using the optical integral field spectrograph instrument MUSE (Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer).

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