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East-Asian ALMA Science Workshop 2019
February 19(Wed)-21(Fri), 2020
ASIAA, Taipei, Taiwan

Poster Presentation

Multi-origin millimeter-wave polarization of protoplanetary disk around HD 142527

Author(s): Akimasa Kataoka

Presenter: Akimasa Kataoka (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)

Polarimetric observations of protoplanetary disks at millimeter wavelengths have been dramatically developing owing to high-sensitivity and high-resolution observations with ALMA. However, the mechanisms of the polarization are under discussion. The possible mechanisms proposed so far are the self-scattering or the grain alignment with magnetic fields, with radiation fields, or with gas drag. In this talk, we show the multi-wavelength polarimetric observation with ALMA toward protoplanetary disks around HD 142527. The polarization patterns are wavelength dependent between at 0.87 mm and 2.1 mm at the north part. In contrast, it is wavelength independent at the south part. We interpret these polarization patterns by self-scattering polarization from the north part and by magnetically aligned grains from the south part. This supports the azimuthal dust trapping mechanism of lopsided disks.

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