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East-Asian ALMA Science Workshop 2019
February 19(Wed)-21(Fri), 2020
ASIAA, Taipei, Taiwan

Invited Presentation

Update on ALMA Operations and Development Program - Feb. 2020


Presenter: Alvaro Gonzalez (NAOJ)

In this presentation, I will offer an update on ALMA Operations and Development Program.
Operations: Cycle 7 observations started in early October 2019, just after the end of Cycle 6. This time, apart from 4300h of observing time offered through the Main Call for Proposals in April, around 2500h of additional ACA stand-alone observation time have been offered through a Supplemental Call. The Cycle 7 Supplemental Call has implemented a new Distributed Proposal Review method for the first time. The targets for data delivery will continue to be to deliver 90% of pipelined data within 30 days of observations. In terms of published papers, the number of publications is approaching 1750.
Development: I will update on the status of the different Projects and Studies which compose the East Asia ALMA Development Program. The Band 1 Manufacture Readiness Review was held on Nov. 12-13 and the ACA spectrometer Critical Design and Manufacture Readiness Review on Dec. 3-5. These were the final milestones towards the start of integration of the instruments in ALMA. For Band 2 (67-116 GHz), the receiver optics components designed and fabricated by NAOJ have been chosen as the baseline for the receiver towards the CDR. In terms of studies, highlights are in wideband receivers and new band 10 mixers.
Future Planning: Planning for the implementation of the ALMA Development Roadmap continues. A Digitizers/Backend/DTS workshop will be held in Mitaka on March 11-13 2020 as part of this planning.

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