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Workshop for Protoplanetary Disks and Exoplanets
December 17(Tue)-18(Wed), 2019
ASIAA R1203, Taipei, Taiwan

Oral Presentation

Substructure Formation in a Protoplanetary Disk around a Class 0 Protostar

Author(s): Riouhei Nakatani (RIKEN), Hauyu Baobab Liu (ASIAA), Satoshi Ohashi (RIKEN), Yi-Chen Zhang (RIKEN), Tomoyuki Hanawa (Chiba University), Claire Chandler (NRAO), Nami Sakai (RIKEN)

Presenter: Riouhei Nakatani (RIKEN)

We analyze multi-frequency, high-resolution continuum data obtained by ALMA and JVLA to study a detailed structure of the dust distribution in the infant disk of L1527. In the 7 mm image, we find three distinct blobs aligning north to south. The three blobs remain even after subtracting free-free contamination, which is estimated from 1.3 cm continuum observation. The northern and southern blobs are optically thick and are located at a distance of ∼ 15au from the central blob. The blobs have a similar projected mass with ≳ 0.04MJ. The symmetric location and the similar mass suggest that the observed three blobs could originate from a projected dust ring encompassing the central star. Disk substructure may form even form Class 0 stage, where accretion toward a disk-protostar system is still dominant.

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