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Science with the Submillimeter Array: Present and Future
November 4(Mon)-5(Tue), 2019
ASIAA, Taipei, Taiwan

Science Organizing Committee

  • Vivien Chen (NTHU)
  • Naomi Hirano (ASIAA)
  • Patrick Koch (ASIAA; co-chair)
  • Hau-Yu Baobab Liu (ASIAA)
  • Scott Paine (CfA)
  • David Wilner (CfA)
  • Qizhou Zhang (CfA; co-chair)

Local Organizing Committee

  • Yusuke Aso (ASIAA)
  • Cindy Chiu (ASIAA)
  • Naomi Hirano (ASIAA, Chair)
  • Tien-Hao Hsieh (ASIAA)
  • Shirley Huang (ASIAA)
  • Grace Huang (ASIAA)
  • Patrick Koch (ASIAA)
  • Hau-Yu Baobab Liu (ASIAA)
  • Sheng-Feng Yen (ASIAA)

Contact: sma2019   _replace_to_@_

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