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Science with the Submillimeter Array: Present and Future
November 4(Mon)-5(Tue), 2019
ASIAA, Taipei, Taiwan

Invited Presentation

Recent SMA High-z Results

Author(s): Wei-Hao Wang

Presenter: Wei-Hao Wang (ASIAA)

SMA pioneered the submillimeter high-resolution imaging of distant galaxies.
Even in the ALMA era, SMA still makes steady contributions to this field. SMA can
provide accurate astrometry to dust emission from sources detected in single-dish
surveys, to pin down the locations of their optical counterparts. SMA can also resolve
the dust and gas emission from bright high-z objects to study their detailed far-IR
morphology. I will review SMA’s achievements in this field in recent years. I will
also briefly discuss what can be done in the future, especially with the wSMA.

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