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Science with the Submillimeter Array: Present and Future
November 4(Mon)-5(Tue), 2019
ASIAA, Taipei, Taiwan

Poster Presentation

Exploring the relativistic jets of active galactic nuclei at kiloparsec scales

Author(s): Daewon Kim (SNU)

Presenter: Daewon Kim (Seoul National University)

We study the relativistic jet of active galactic nuclei (AGN) by using the Jansky very large array (JVLA) to better understand the nature of the AGN jets at kiloparsec scales. We observed ~30 radio-loud AGNs at K/Ka/Q-bands (i.e., ~20, ~34 and ~45 GHz, respectively) in the extended B-configuration (11 km of the maximum baseline length; a few hundred mas). In this study, we present our new JVLA images of the AGNs at mm-wavelengths to explore their jet structures and spectral properties. A bit less than half of our targets show their extended jet structure which sometimes reaching ~20 arcseconds (e.g., M87 and 3C273). We discuss the implications for our observational results.

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