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ALMA proposal writing camp
9:30 - 16:30, Feb 23 (Sat)
ASIAA R1107, Taipei, Taiwan


We will hold a one-day proposal writing camp for people to write their ALMA Cycle-7 proposals in a friendly environment, and get real-time scientific, technical and English-writing feedbacks. Participants should bring their own laptops and should already have ideas about their proposals. There will be ALMA ARC members in the camp, to provide technical consultations. Researchers in various fields will also standby, to provide scientific consultations.
In the afternoon, Prof You-Hua Chu and a professional English editor will also come to the writing camp to help people to improve the English writing. Unexperienced researchers who would like to use ALMA in Cycle 7 are highly encouraged to join this writing camp to start the proposal preparation. People who would like to collaborate with ASIAA scientists on using ALMA can also take this opportunity for close interaction.

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