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Workshop for Protoplanetary Disks and Exoplanets
December 13, 2018
ASIAA R1203, Taipei, Taiwan


Thursday Dec 13, 2018
09:00-09:10Baobab (ASIAA)Opening (feel free to skip this)
09:10-09:35Hashimoto (NAOJ)ALMA and Subaru observations of 51 single-ring protoplanetary disks
09:35-10:05Marschall (ASIAA)Constraints on the properties of debris dust from photometry and polarimetry
10:00-10:25Jiang (NTHU)Optical observations and machine learning on exoplanets with disks
10:25-10:35Coffee break
10:35-11:05Soon (Ibaraki)The gas-to-dust ratio in the protoplanetary disk of HD 142527
11:00-11:25Konishi (NAOJ)ALMA results of RY Tau
11:25-11:55Baobab (ASIAA)Indication from high angular resolution observations on the inner disks
11:50-13:35Lunch break
13:30-13:55Dong (Victoria)Planet induced kinematics signals in disks
13:55-14:25Lin (ASIAA)Instability and dust dynamics in protoplanetary disks
14:20-14:45Muto (Kogakuin)Physical mechanisms and non-linear outcomes of Rossby Wave instability
14:45-15:15Matsumoto (ASIAA )The formation and growth of chondrules
15:10-15:25Coffee break
15:20-15:45Yen (ASIAA)HL Tau disk in the HCO+ (3-2 & 1-0) lines at 000.1 resolutions
15:45-16:15Li (UIUC)(Sub)Millimeter Spectral Indices of Class 0 YSOs: Observations and Models
16:10-16:35Väisälä (ASIAA)Observational signatures of misaligned magnetic fields in early disk formation
16:35-16:45Coffeeless break
16:45-18:35Discussion ALMA Cycle-7 Ideas (chair: Muto & Hashimoto)
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