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Taiwanese Theoretical Astrophysics Workshop
September 25-27, 2018
AS/NTU Astronomy-Mathematics Building


Total number: 60
1 Shohei Aoyama 青山 尚平 Academia Sinica (IAA)
[Oral Presentation] Dust properties from cosmological simulation
2 Sayantan Auddy ASIAA
[Oral Presentation] The effect of magnetic fields on the column density probability distribution function in molecular clouds
3 Hsiang-Kuang Chang 張祥光 National Tsing Hua University
[Oral Presentation] Recent development of MeV gamma-ray astronomical instrumentation in Taiwan
4 Tzu-Hsiang Chao 趙子翔 NTU/ASIAA
5 Kai-Feng Chen 陳凱風 NTU/ASIAA
6 Ken Chen 陳科榮 ASIAA
[Oral Presentation] Death of Massive Stars and Their Cosmological Impacts
7 Li-Hsin Chen 陳立馨 National Taiwan University/ Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Academia Sinica
[Oral Presentation] Formation of the First Galaxies
8 Han Cheng 鄭翰 NCU
9 Yun-Ting Cheng Caltech
[Oral Presentation] Optimally Mapping Large-Scale Structures with Luminous Sources
10 Wan-Hsien Cho 卓宛嫺 NCU
11 Hui-Hsuan Chung 鍾慧萱 National Tsing Hua University
12 Manu George Institute Of Physics, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan.
[Oral Presentation] A study of dispersion properties of ideal, first and second order conformally invarient chiral hydrodynamics in presence of background magnetic field.
13 Tilman Hartwig IPMU, University of Tokyo
[Oral Presentation] A novel formation scenario for carbon-enhanced metal-poor stars
14 Bing-Chiao He 何秉樵 ASIAA / NTU
15 Yutaka Hirai 平居悠 RIKEN
[Oral Presentation] Enrichment of Heavy Elements in the Local Group Galaxies
16 Hiroyuki Hirashita 平下博之 ASIAA
[Oral Presentation] Evolution of grain size distribution in galaxies
17 Kouichi Hirotani ASIAA/TIARA
[Oral Presentation] Very-high-energy emission from rapidly rotating black hole magetospheres
18 Wain-sun Hou 侯萬善 Taiwan Research Institute
19 Yu-Yang Hsiao 蕭予揚 NCU
20 I-Ta Hsieh 謝宜達 ASIAA
[Oral Presentation] The non-LTE radiative algorithm inside SPARX
21 CHIA-JUNG Hsu 許家榮 Chalmers University of Technology
[Oral Presentation] Mixing of the First Supernovae Metal
22 CHIEH-EN Hsu 許傑恩 National Sun Yat-sen University
23 Shih Jie Huang 黃世杰 NCKU
24 Ing-Guey Jiang 江瑛貴 National Tsing Hua University
[Oral Presentation] East Asia Numerical Astrophysics Meeting (EANAM) and Taiwan Numerical Astrophysics Meeting (TNAM)
25 Oliver Just RIKEN
[Oral Presentation] Neutrino transport in neutron-star mergers and core-collapse supernovae
26 Kazumi Kashiyama U. of Tokyo
[Oral Presentation] Ultra-Long Gamma-Ray Bursts and Tidal Disruption Events from Intermediate-Mass Black Holes in Collapsing Star Clusters
27 Chung-Ming Ko 高仲明 Institute of Astronomy, National Central University
[Oral Presentation] Radiations from Fermi Bubbles
28 Albert Kong 江國興 National Tsing Hua University
[Oral Presentation] Multi-Messenger Astrophysics in Taiwan
29 James Lee Gbo Systems
30 Yueh-Ning Lee 李悅寧 IPGP
[Oral Presentation] Universality of the Initial Mass Function
31 Ying Liao 廖瑩 Macao University of Science and Technology
32 Chia-Hui Lin 林家暉 National Taiwan University
[Oral Presentation] Relativistic simulations of binary neutron star mergers
33 Chun-Yu Lin 林俊鈺 National Center for High-performance Computing (NCHC)
[Oral Presentation] Gravitational wave analysis via deep learning
34 Feng-Li Lin 林豐利 National Taiwan Normal U.
[Oral Presentation] String theory inspired gravitational wave study
35 May Lin 林美 Personal / Lifelong Learners
36 Min-Kai Lin ASIAA
[Oral Presentation] Dust settling in turbulent protoplanetary disks
37 Shan-Chang Lin 林善長 ASIAA, Research Assistant
[Oral Presentation] The splashback radii of different dark matter models
38 Yen-Hsun Lin 林彥勳 Dept. of Physics, NCKU
39 Ruo-Yu Liu 劉若愉 National Taiwan University
[Oral Presentation] Two-Dimensional Simulations of Circumstellar Material Collisions from Exploding Stars
40 Tsungche Liu 劉宗哲 LeCosPA,NTU
[Oral Presentation] The status of Taiwan Astroparticle Radiowave Observatory for Geo-synchrotron Emissions (TAROGE)
41 Nakamura Masanori 中村雅徳 ASIAA
[Oral Presentation] Astrophysical Jets: Lessons We Could Learn in the Past 100 years
42 Marco A. Munoz-gutierrez 穆馬可 ASIAA
[Oral Presentation] The Contribution of Dwarf Planets to the Origin of Low Inclination Comets by the Replenishment of Mean Motion Resonances in Debris Disks.
43 Kin-Wang Ng 吳建宏 Academia Sinica
[Oral Presentation] Numerical challenges in inflationary physics
44 Po-Sheng Ou 歐柏昇 ASIAA/ NTU
[Oral Presentation] 1D Simulations of Stellar Mass Loss with the MESA Code
45 Kuo-Chuan Pan 潘國全 National Tsing Hua University
[Oral Presentation] Multi-messenger Signals from Stellar-mass Black Hole Formation
46 Hsi-Yu Schive Institute of Astrophysics, National Taiwan University
[Oral Presentation] GAMER-2: GPU-accelerated Adaptive Mesh Refinement
47 Bo-Ting Shen 沈柏廷 NTU / ASIAA
48 Yu-Hsuan Teng 鄧郁璇 NTU/ASIAA
49 Yong Tian 田雍 National Central University
50 Sung-Han Tsai 蔡松翰 NCU/ASIAA
[Oral Presentation] Statistical properties of interacting binary stars with MESA
51 PO-HSUN Tseng NTU
52 Wei-Ling Tseng NTNU
53 Huitzu Tu 杜蕙慈 Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica
54 Miikka Väisälä 韋米卡 Academia Sinica, Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics
[Oral Presentation] Vorticity, helicity and mean flows in supernova-driven turbulence
55 Wei-Chen Wang 王瑋晨 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Academia Sinica
56 Tak-Pong Woo 胡德邦 National Taiwan University
57 Meng-Ru Wu 吳孟儒 Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica
[Oral Presentation] Probing physics at extreme with hot-and-dense astrophysical objects
58 Ya-Lin Wu 吳亞霖 University of Texas at Austin
59 Cangtao Yin 殷滄濤 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, Academia Sinica
60 Hwei-Jang Yo 游輝樟 Department of Physics, NCKU
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