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Taiwanese Theoretical Astrophysics Workshop
September 25-27, 2018
AS/NTU Astronomy-Mathematics Building

Oral Presentation

String theory inspired gravitational wave study

Author(s): Feng- Li Lin (National Taiwan Norma U)

Presenter: Feng-Li Lin (National Taiwan Normal U.)

In this talk, I will talk about two preliminary projects on gravitational wave physics, which are inspired by string theory.
One is to use AdS/QCS to study the equation of state (EOS) for high density nuclear matters, which can mimic the EOS inside the neutron stars. With this EOS, we further consider the resultant resonant oscillation modes of the neutron stars, and its signature in the gravitational wave signal. The other is to consider the gravitational wave radiated from the breathing cosmic string in motion, which shows different feature from the ones due to usual cosmic string spike burst.

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