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Mini-workshop on ULTIMATE-Subaru
October 26, 2017
ASIAA, Taipei, Taiwan

Meeting Objectives

ULTIMATE-Subaru is a project to develop the next-generation adaptive optics (AO) system and new instruments utilizing the capabilities of the new AO system for the Subaru Telescope, and to carry out unique and strong scientific programs with them. The Ground-Layer AO (GLAO) system of the ULTIMATE-Subaru project is expected to provide a significant seeing improvement across a wide field of view (15 arcmin). The combination of GLAO and the companion wide-field instruments will bring break-throughs in various research areas, ranging from Galactic star formation studies to the first generation of galaxies. During this one-day mini-workshop, we will discuss scientific opportunities & hardware involvement with representatives from the Subaru Telescope. All professional astronomers in Taiwan are welcome to attend the workshop.


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