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Miniworkshop for High-Energy Astrophysics
October 20(Fri)-21(Sat), 2017
ASIAA, Taipei, Taiwan


Friday October 20, 2017
13:30~13:45 TIARA Mini-Workshop and High-Energy Working Group
Hsien Shang (ASIAA)
13:45~14:15 Multimessenger signals from stellar-mass black hole formation
Kuo-Chuan Pan (Michigan State University)
14:30~15:00 Multimessenger signals from extreme transients
Philipp Moesta (University of California)
15:15~15:45 A next-generation Compton telescope - The Compton Spectrometer and Imager (COSI)
Hsiang-Kuang Chang (National Tsing Hua University)
Saturday October 21, 2017
13:30~14:00 Supernova Across Cosmic Time
Ken Chen (ASIAA)
14:15~14:45 Nucleosynthesis and kilonovae from neutron star mergers
Meng-Ru Wu (Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica)
15:00~15:30 High-energy and very-high-energy emission from rapidly rotating black holes
Kouichi Hirotani (ASIAA)
15:45~16:15 Two Component Accretion Flow of Super Massive Black Holes in AGN
Ronald Taam (ASIAA)
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