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The 3rd ERG Mission Science Workshop
September 5(Tue)-8(Fri), 2017
ASIAA, Taipei / NCKU, Tainan


The ERG (Exploration of energization and Radiation in Geospace)/Arase satellite, featuring Japan-Taiwan collaboration between JAXA/ISAS (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency/Institute of Space and Astronautical Science), ASIAA (Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics of Academia Sinica) and NCKU (National Cheng Kung University), was successfully launched on December 20, 2016 and is currently performing the mission of exploring the Van Allen radiation belts and the plasmasphere. The mission is part of the ERG Project, which utilizes the spacecraft observations along with ground-based network observations and integrated data analyses/simulations to study the appearance and loss of highly energetic particles in the near-Earth space and to understand how various mechanisms may contribute to these processes. As data from the satellite have recently become available for analysis, the Taiwan ERG team is pleased to organize the 3rd ERG Misson Science Workshop, where the instrument teams are invited to present their first results.

The scope of the 3rd ERG Misson Science Workshop includes any science topic that could be relevant to the ERG/Arase mission or the ERG Project. It is open to the general space science community of Taiwan, aiming to enhance the Japan-Taiwan interactions, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of forming strong collaborations and working groups on various research topics that may take advantage of the ERG/Arase data. Scientists from Taiwan may submit abstracts for oral presentations of their work within the scope of the workshop.

The workshop also features a training session on SPEDAS, a piece of software operated with the programming language of IDL (Interactive Data Language) that allows the user to access and perform various tasks with the ERG/Arase data. Workshop participants can acquire hands-on experience with the software in the training session. Note that participants should bring their own laptops to the SPEDAS training session.

We welcome all interested scientists and students in local universities and research groups to participate in the ERG workshop and the associated training session on IDL. For more information of ERG, please visit: JAXA ERG




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