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TIARA/CHARMS Mini-Workshop on Disks in the Protoplanetary Systems 2017
July 26, 2017
ASIAA R1107, AS/NTU Astronomy-Mathematics Building

Recent advances of observational techniques in near-infrared (Subaru/HiCIAO, VLT/SPHERE) and millimeter-submillimeter wavelengths (ALMA) have reveal the detailed structures of the protoplanetary disks down to scales of several AUs. Formation of these disks around low to medium mass stars not only plays important roles in the distribution of mass and angular momenta of the original protoplanetary systems but also shape the final outcome of the ultimate protoplanets and their associated satellite systems harbored within. Understanding the processes in action and obtaining clues from state-of- the-art observational results are time-critical and intimately related. In connection with recent efforts of the CHARMS project of TIARA, which coordinates and integrates many elements of numerical modeling, this mini-workshop aims to bring together various aspects in the research of protoplanetary disks, physical and chemical modeling, numerical simulations (HD and MHD), radiative transfer, synthetic observations and synergies with high-resolution observations. This mini-workshop serves to facilitate interactions and dialogues among overseas researchers and local community engaged by similar interests.

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