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Star Formation & the Interstellar Medium : Thirty Five Years Later
September 10(Mon)-12(Wed), 2012
Berkeley Art Museum (BAM) Theater

The Astronomy Department is organizing a conference to celebrate the 70th years of our colleagues, Dave Hollenbach, Chris McKee and Frank Shu. Their tremendous contributions to astrophysics are widely known. We have chosen the title in recognition of the year 1977 when two of their landmark papers were published. The conference also marks Chris' retirement at the end of the 2011-2012 academic year.

The meeting will be held at the theater of the Berkeley Art Museum (also called the Woo Hon Fai Hall). This facility is very close to Hearst Field Annex (HFA), the temporary location of the Astronomy Department during the construction of New Campbell Hall. A celebratory Banquet Dinner will be held the evening of Tuesday, September 11 in the Great Hall of the Berkeley Faculty Club.

Beyond celebrating their accomplishments and leadership, we also hope to evaluate where we stand in this area of astrophysics. At this point, star formation and the interstellar medium have become very broad fields, and the program reflects this.


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